PHOTOS 1944 - 47.



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1944 - 46.

Above photo and signatures sent in by Patrick, surname unknown.
The WAAF on the right as you look at the photo is , Edith Hutton, Nan of Patrick's.
Anyone know them???.

Above photo and signatures sent in by Heather Brown,
Daughter of William (Colin) Woodhead.

Colin is in middle row, 4th from right (1945 - 46). Sadly he died in 1997,
he loved anything to do with the RAF, Heather said.

Sidney (Sid) Joseph Oakley, is in front row, 4th from right (as you look at the photo).
The Corporal in charge is Charlie (Chas) Edwards whose younger brother Frank appears in the next group photo.

Above 2 photos and signatures, sent in by his Daughter Pam.
Sid died very suddenly in 1993.

Above photo sent in by Frank Edwards, Sept/Oct 1946.
Frank is in the front row 2nd from left.

Sent in by Roy Newbury, 10/09/1946.
Message with photo was, Roy 1st L/H, sitting.

Above photo and signatures, sent in by Dave Wood, on behalf of his
Father Ralph Wood, taken October 1946.
Ralph is in the middle row, far left.

Above photo and signatures, sent in by Geoff Crossland, Oct - Dec 1946.

Geoff is in the 2nd row up 2nd from right, and his mate Eric Croft, is in 2nd row far left.

The two DI's were Sgt. Keegan and Cpl. Davidson.

Sent to me by Graham Lawson, via Cliff East.
October - December 1946.

1946 - 1947, sent in by Dr. Bernard Poole.
Bernard is in the middle row 4th from right.

Above sent in by Richard Collins, of his Granddad, Roy furby, seen with the yellow arrow.
Roy is a bit vague, re the date, but i think could be end 46 begining 47.



I recieved an e-mail from Mick Gutierrez on the 04/04/09.
His Father, Sgt., John Gutierrez was a regular at RAF West Kirby between, 1947-1950, after he came back from Burma during the war. Mike has no details of the Squadron etc., of his Fathers time at west Kirby, nor any photo, his Dad would be behind a camera instead of in front of one. Mike said I could put his E address on here in case anyone remembers his Father.
Mike has also sent me a lot of photos, of West Kirby as it is today and he said if anyone is interested in them contact him on his E-mail address and he will send them to you free of charge.


Thanks to Cliff East, two of the people in the following photo, have been reunited after 58 years. Back row 2nd from right, Dennis King and 4th from right Les Haines.
E'Sqdn. 19c flt. Hut 15c. JAN/April 1947. This one was taken in April,
after we had 5 weeks bad weather leave.
So we were put back to finish our square bashing.

This is E.Sqdn. Jan - April 1947.

Dennis King and Les Haines were in the same hut at West kirby and first met in January 1947, our extended stay was caused by the great freeze up. 58 years and 5 months later, in 2005, Dennis and Les met, with their Wives, Iris & Barbara at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas Staffordshire. It was windy and cold, not the sun that was forecast, more like 1947 weather.
After coffee and then later lunch, Iris and Dennis came back to our Hotel in Lichfield, where we carried on talking and looking at photos.

First handshake at the British Berlin Airlift Memorial for 58 years,
last time was on leaving West Kirby and going our separate ways.
Dennis is on the right slightly taller tham me.

Sadly Dennis Died on the 07/04/2013.

Sent in via Cliff East

Above two sent to me by Cliff East.

Sent in by Barry Dawson, via Cliff East.

The above photo sent in by Bob Attwood B.E.M., via Terry Barry.
B Flight, Hut B26 March 1947. Bob is in the front row far right.

Following was also sent in by Bob.

Hut D23, Flight 28D, H Squadron, 4 Wing,  May/July 1947.
Derek is in the middle row, 5th from right.

4 Wing photo, Derek is 2nd row from back,7th from left.

Don Broom (hence the brush), Chris Burr, then Derek.
Above 3 photos and signatures, sent in by Derek Browning.

Above 5 sent to me via Cliff East.

Above two photos sent in by Oswald (Ossie) Jones's Wife Eunice.
Ossie is 3rd from left in the front row.
Sadly he died in 2008.

Above two, sent to me by Eric Edwards, via Terry Barry.
Eric is sitting next to the Cpl.DI., on his left.

Sent in by Mike Arron, Via Cliff East, March to May 1947,
Some signatures below.

Above two photos sent by Alan Wood, via Cliff East, April / June 1947.

Above sent in by bob Ramsey, June 1947.
The names of the three DI;s were Gilhooly, Moules and Mac Farlane

The following two pictures were sent in by  Kelvin Jackson

Above three photos sent to me by Ray Duley,
He said he was at W K in May/July, but has no Flt or Hut numbers, anyone help???.

Above photo and signatures sent to me Via Cliff East.

Above sent in by Derek Fairbrother, he is in the middle row 3rd on right.
I had an E mail from Derek yesterday, 31/05/2013, telling me he was in the photo that had
 been found at  a Motorway service station off the A1(M), near Doncaster,
 I had put it on the 1949 page with the relevant info under it.

Any names? and when?
The answer is below sent to Cliff by Bob Blake(5020624)
who was at W/K June/July 1956, 7 Flt. Churchill Sqdn.
(Bob and his 3 mates are on the 1954-1957 page)
The following refers to the Sgt in the middle, seated.

Extract from book:
by Dennis Tomlinson. Page 57.

Knock-out blows.

3502590 SGT VERNON ROGERS, DRILL INSTRUCTOR, arrived at West Kirby as a corporal DI in June 1947 and left as a sergeant DI in July 1952.
'A few thousand recruits passed through my hands, the most famous being Percy Lewis, the British Empire flyweight boxer and Brian Harper (son of the boxer Jack London). Brian became famous as boxer Brian London. At Padgate, Brian, identity unknown was entered in a novices' competition and knocked out three opponents in a total of 1½ minutes. This prompted RAF Padgate to suggest they hoped Joe Louis (world heavyweight champion) never arrived at West Kirby as he would be entered in novice's competition!
Alex Murphy, the Great Britain Rugby League player and coach at St Helens Rugby club, was an officers' mess batman. I knew him well as he passed my billet on A squadron regularly on his way to work. I met Alex in Manchester in 2000 and we recognised each other - after almost 50 years. I captained the station soccer first team for over three years, playing at right back.'

Sent in by Ron Tyler, 3rd from right, front row, June 1947.
5th from right is their DI.Cpl Fergason.
Anyone recognize their signatures below?.

Sent to me by John Weavers, May - July 1947.

Above photo and signatures sent in by Derek Pritchard,
15/5/47 to 17/7/47. Derek is third from left middle row.

Hut C6, Flt., 17E June / July 1947.
Sent in by Glyn (Taffy) Griffiths, via Cliff.
Glyn is 4 th from left, centre row.

Di Gilhooley, sitting on right,
above photo also sent in by
Glyn (Taffy) Griffiths.

Above sent in to Cliff East, by Paddy Weldon, on behalf of Mike Gooby.
June / July 1947, (kitted out at Padgate 11 June).

Above 3 sent to me via Cliff.

Above sent in by,Ron Last, via Cliff East.

Above photo and signatures sent in via Cliff East.

Above photo sent in by John White.
John is in the middle row 7th from left.

Given to Cliff at our Cosford stand.

Above two photos, of Derek Stubbs Hut group and mates,
Derek is taking the photo, of his mates in shirt sleeve order,
sent in by his Son michael. Derek sadly died in 1990,
Michael would like to find out more about his Dad's involvement with the RAF.
If you would like to contact Michael, this is his new web address:-
  please copy and paste the address.

Above two sent in by Dennis (Polly) Perkins,via Cliff,
9 E Flight August 1947.

Above photo sent in by Michelle Tideswell,
 on behalf of her Father in Law, Stanley Tideswell.
Photo taken 19th August 1947, Stanley is in the middle row 2nd from right.

Above two photo's sent in by John Jones, August 1947, via Cliff East.

Sent in by carolyn Hope on behalf of her Father Joseph (Joe) Hope.
B27 10F Flight, C1 Squadron, 2 Wing,  29th August to the 23rd October 1947.

Photo From Russell Levett, Late Autumn 1947,
No. 3111978 (yellow cap badge). Di was Cpl. Clarke.

Above photo and signatures, sent in via Cliff East.

Above 3 sent in by Arthur Birch.

Sent via Cliff East.

Sent to me by Cliff East.

Above two sent in by Geoffrey Turner.
Geoffrey is in the back row 2nd from left, Sept/Nov 1947.

The following was sent in by  Keith E. Newman
I have just sent a couple of photos for your website, and would like to add some more information.      I was at WK from Sept. to Nov. 1947, I cannot recall having a group photo taken.  
       My address was:- 2368354 A/C Newman, Hut C31, 22F Flt.,F Sqdn. West Kirby.


It was tough at first, but at the end we all took a pride in our drilling etc., and I am glad I completed the two years.
It certainly helped with later life!

Hut C3, 19Flt., October 1947.
Above photo & signatures, sent in by David Pounds,
David is in the front row 2nd from right,
on his right is a chap called Haines, no relation of mine.

Sent via Cliff East.

Nov 1947 - Feb 1948, Frank Waller is in the second row 3rd from left.
Photo and the signatures sent in by his Wife, Susan Waller.

The above photo was sent in by Bill Bolt, his Father Harold, died
recently, and he found this photo among his Fathers things.
He doesn't think he was at West Kirby himself, but I have put it on in the hope someone will know about it. the date on the back is 21st Nov 1947.

Peter Barr passed away recently, and his Widow, Myrtle, sent the above two items to Cliff East for me to put on our website.

The following three pics were sent in by Cliff -  Henry Tudor Rees Nov 1947