1948 - 49.

I didnt realise at first that this was the signatures from the above photo,
I had put it on the History 1 page with all the other Parades, but it's place is here.
Sent in by Ken Johnson Via Terry Barry.

The above photo and signatures was sent in by Martin Cole,
who found them in a junk shop in Portobello Road.
Do you know the date and recognizes anyone ??
If you do, please let me know, Les Haines.

Above 2 sent in by Alan Turner, March/May 1948.
Alan is in the middle row 3rd from left.

Both the above photos sent to me via Cliff East.

Sent by Trevor Oldroyd, via Terry Barry.
H Squadron, 4 Wing, April 1948.

Above sent in by Martin Penman,via Cliff East.
Martins Dad's name was,
Lawrence Sanford Joseph Penman,
he was at W/K 1948, he has no other details as yet.
He is contacting the RAF Records office.

Above photo sent in by Ant Miles,
on behalf of his Grandfather, Ronald Patrick Miles.
At present no other information available.
Ronald is in the back row 2nd from the right as you look at the photo.

Sent to Cliff from Peter Dudley, Taken 1948.

John 1948, from Cliff East.

May 28th 1948, Vic & Alf (mic) on Black Horse Hill West Kirby.

The above two photos sent in by Cpl Ronald Boast's Daughter, Leslley McGuire (nee Boast), but I am not sure if it is West Kirby or Padgate. Can anybody say were these were taken???,
and apart from Ronald who the others are???.

Ronald is in the back row on right in the top photo, and in the middle of 2nd row in the Football team.
Lesley said her Father came to West Kirby before 28/06/1948 as he has a W K certificate for Exceptional Pass in Rifle Shooting, scoring 247 out of  a highest possible score of 260, that was dated 28/06/1948.
Also Ronald had been in charge of the Tailors shop for on camp for 6 months.

Above photo and signatures, sent in by Jim Dorling,
Jim is in rear row, 2nd from right, with the X above him.

Above sent in by Viv Lloyd, via Cliff East. May - June 1948 No. 2 Wing. Cpl. H.H.Lewis DI., is seated front row in beret, Viv is 2nd. from left 3rd row.
Signatures sent to me by Viv Lloyd, 23rd November 2011.

Above photo of Brian Gastiner's Hut.
Above 2 photos sent in by warwick Gastinger, on behalf of his Father Brian Gastinger.
Brian is fourth from the left on the top row.
It is the Station's Athletics team and was taken outside 1 Wing HQ, in June 1948.

Sent in by M Boucher, via Cliff East and Terry barry.

Above sent in by Elwyn White, via Cliff.

Above two sent in by Doug Kirk, via Cliff East.

Sent in by Ted Palmer, via Cliff East.

Above photo and signatures, sent to me via Cliff east.

Above sent in by Ian Reynolds, he is 4th from left middle row.
Cpl. Dow, front row 5th from left.

The one third from the right front row is Les Gooding, Dennis Fickling sent the above photo, via Cliff East, and said I had the wrong name, the name I had was Harold Horton but it should have been Les's.

Above sent to me via Cliff East, by Dennis Fickling, some time ago,
but while I was rebuilding the site I did not inlude them, (sorry Dennis).
16 Flight, D Sqadron, 2 Wing, taken 24thSeptember,1948

Above photo and signatures sent in by Ken Newby,
the only names he can remember are,
Flt/S. Branston & Cpl. Lanigan.

The following four pictures have been sent in by Markham Benjamin Whitley's nephew,  Paul Johnston
The exact date is not known, but estimated to be Aug or Sept 1948

Sent via Cliff East.

Above replacement sent in by Lawrence Swales, via Cliff east.

Above sent in by Harlan Senior, will check with him about the quality, and then write comments under them.

The Hut Nco. was Cpl Hepple, and Sgt. Ridley was I/C flight.
Sent in by Vic Knight, via Cliff East.

Sent in via Cliff East.

Sent in by John Piccolo, via Cliff East, October 1948.
In centre is W/O Rawlings, to his left is Cpl. Philpin,
on his right is Cpl. Fergerson, and John is next to him.

Above two, sent in by Jim Spashett, via Cliff East.

Above two, sent in by Derrick Thorn, Hut A31, 21st October 1948.
Derrick is 2nd from right back row.

Signatures also from Leslie Nicholls.

Above sent in by Eric Lewis. October/November 1948.
Eric is far left front row.

Above two sent inby Bob Oliver via Cliff East.

Above sent in by Dennis Jones, Oct 1949 - Dec 49.
Dennis is in the centre of the back row.

Above four sent to me by Patrick Weldon,
via Cliff East.
Outside Hut A6, 24th Nov 1948 to Jan 1949.
His DI's were Sgt. Coates, Cpl's, Dixon & Pete.

Sent by Wilf Hunt, to me via Cliff East.


Does anyone recognizes this chap,
Michael Shinkfield, or Michael Hollingshead ?
He was at West Kirby during 1949 - 1950
If someone knows him

please contact me, Les Haines.

I have heard from Terry Wilson, 26/11/09.
They went to the same school, but Terry never knew him.
He told me that Michael, sadly died in Bolivia on the
30th July 1984.

Since posting this photo, I have changed my ISP, and have lost all of my E mail addresses, so if the person who sent the photo to me would contact me again, I would be grateful.


These original photos below have been sent to me,
via Cliff East and Bob Oliver,
from a lady who found them in the loft of the house she has just purchased. The previous owner was Keith Arnold , now deceased.
The Lady does not wish to be identified.

I have put them at the top of this page as we are fairly certain they were taken in July 1949. If anyone knew Keith please let me know.
Les Haines, Webmaster.


Exact date not known, 1948 - 1949?.

Above photo sent in by Richard Gibson, of his great Uncle, Alan Bluett.
alan is in the middle row 2nd from the right. Alan died in 2007.

Richard would like to hear from anyone who knew Alan.

Above photo sent in by Helen Jacobs, of her Father Gerald Jacobs, who is in the back row 3rd from right.
 Gerald died in July 2002.

Above photo and signatures sent in by Art White - Miller.
If you know anyone please let me know. Les Webmaster.

Hut A19, 8R Flight, B Squadron, 1 Wing, 1949.
Above photo sent in by David Locky, on behalf of his father in Law,
Colin Wilkinson. Colin is in the back row 2nd from left.
Colin has just sent me, 28-08-09, the following names from the signatures
on the back of the photo, not in order.

B. Blake, A.R. Hewson, H. Meddings, B.J. Whitman, D.E. Kirlew,D. Meek,
R.F. Morgan, G.R. Jones, J. Fuller, W. Beresford-Burgoyne, Terance A. Huhas (sp),
Ray Murphy, R.S. King, D.A. King, L.E. Marshall, G.T. Mocc, Eric C.B. Knight,
P.R. Grottuy, R. Ireland, Cpl. Calbylane (sp), Cpl Kingswall, Cpl. Scott.

Group Hut A. 19, 8R Flight, July 1949
Also photos from Collin on the W/K Hospital Page,
& a cartoon on the Bits & Pieces page.

Sent in by Fred Martin, via Cliff East.

Above photo sent in by Ray Verrity,  April/May 1949, Hut D14.
Ray is in the second row, 3rd left.

The above photo and the following 5, were sent to me by Will Hanna, he was a recruit in April 1949,'B' flight 'D' Squadron, he is seated 4th from right, his friend, Mike Godden is seated 4th from left. Next to him Cpl 'Johnnie' McLaughlin. Officer not known, not sure of the other Cpl.

Will's 1949 DI's, Seated, Flt Sgt Christie, Officer unknown,
Cpl G. Higgins Standing on left Cpl.J McLaughlin and end right
Cpl. Moorhouse. One of the middle 3 is a Cpl. Read.

Here's Will again now as a Cpl DI, as said he square bashed on 'B' flight 'D' Squadron and returned as an Instructor after 'trade training' at Uxbridge to return to 'B' Flt., 'D' Squadron.

Standing, on left Cpl. J. McLaughlin and Cpl.
Timmins (later made up to Sgt.) seated,
left Cpl. 'Paddy' Devlin and Cpl W. (Bill) Hanna.

Hut B 28 circa 1949/50.
The 'lads' were under Will's charge and he say's they all came from Wales and were wonderful singers.
NCO's seated Cpl Will Hanna and Cpl. J McLaughlin, (Senior Cpl)

Above sent in by Maurice Johnson. Hut 2, flight 2S, July 1949.
Cpl., Burgess, sgt., Pearson.
Maurice is in the front row far right, the only names he can remember are,
Stephen Gould, front row far left,and ? Silver, third in front row left.
Peter Allis, the golfer and now commentator is in the front row on the Sgt's., right.

Checking through the Guest Book I found Harold Dummer had left a message re he is in the above photo.
Harold is in the centre back row.

Had an E mail from Des Gataker, 03/02/2014, saying he has names for the above photo including himself, as follows:-
Front row 3rd from left is Needlesticher,  middle row 6th from left Cornelius,
Rear row 2nd from left Williams, 3rd from left Gould, 4th from left Des., 6th from left Hockey.

Front row left Hockey, right end Needlesticher, back row left Williams and on end Des.
Above group sent in by Des Gataker.
Des said in his Guest book item, that he would like to get in touch with Maurice Johnson, his E address is des.gat53@uwclub.net  just copy and paste, not as on the Guest book, where he put 553.

Above sent to me by Cliff East.


These 2 photos were sent by John Gray,
Son of Bill Gray who died 01/04/2011.

Bill is on the right.

The following names were on the back of the photo.
R Jays (Jazza), ?, Hughes westcliff on sea, M Jameson? Norwich, W Dambs,? Hungerford Berks, Roy pold Haslemere, W Harris? Norwich
Pete Gay Caerphilly S Wales, G Harvey Newport Monmouthshire,
E S Hartford,?, ?, Humphries London. Dated 21/07/1949
Sent via Cliff East.
Had an E mail on 31/05/2013 from Derek Fairbrother, saying he is in the photo,
2nd from left, in the middle row.

Les Haines, Webmaster.

Ron Stockbridge has given me a date for this photo today 24/02/09.
It was the intake of July to August 1949, the DI. is Cpl., Timmins.
So will now put this on the 1949 page. Done.
Les Haines.

The signature Ron Stocklead, taken from the one below,
should be Ron stockbridge. Also names to add are,
J Rosen, D Skellen, D Pendry, R Sadler and B Mann.

Sent by John Phillips, taken in July 1949.

Above photo sent in by Eric Rose, July - Sept 1949.

Above two sent in by Jim Shaw, via Cliff East.

Looking at photo, from left is Cpl. Moorhouse, Cpl. Reed,
and Cpl. Lawson. F/Sgt. Moore, seated came from Scotland.
Sent in by John Phillips.

John Phillips is in the back row far right,
was there from 14th July to September 1949

Above sent in by Malcolm Brooke, Brother of Jack Brooke, who is in front row, 4th from left.

Sent in by Ron Clements, Sept. 1949, Ron is back row right,
with beret, and in front of him is David Blunt.


Above three sent in by Peter White, Via Cliff East.
Taken approx 14-9-1949 Hut C16, 5s Flight

Above 2 sent in via Cliff east.

Above two photos, October 1949, sent in by Eddie Wybrow, via Cliff.
The following names were on the back of the photo.
I White, D Mayler, E Sanger, G Morgan, G Richardson,
M Wilding, A Smith, D Stimpson, D Tonks.
Eddie is front row right.

Oct. 1949, sent in by Eddie Wybrow for George Clark.
George is front row 2 nd left.

Tony Warnes, October/November 1949
He is at the right hand end of the middle row.
Above photo sent in by Don Ingham for Tony.

Above sent in by Bob Oliver via Cliff East.

Above two photos sent in by Bill Nixon, from October 1949,
In the top photo Bill is in the back row 3rd from left, and the other one he is in the middle.

Above two sent via Cliff East.

From Bill Horncastle via Cliff East November 1949.

Dec 1949, sent in by Richard Power,
Richard is, back row far left.

Above three items sent to me via Cliff East, from Peter Goddon.

Sent to me by Robin Godfrey.

Ken is in the rear row far left.

Above two photos sent in by Ken Hopson, 1949, no other names or date.
Anyone can help with the usual details please get in touch.