1952 - 53.


Above 4 photos sent in by Graham Alexander and Amanda, son and Daughter of Anthony Richard Alexander.
Top Photo dated 1952, the other two when he was on the Training staff at W.K., no date when he left as yet, but he could have been there until 1962. Anthony died on the 6th November 2010.
Graham said, "We have found some paperwork to do with Dad's National Service,
which I don't currently have to hand, but will send you details if you'd like them".


The following 2 photos were sent in by Gordon Jones's Son Alan, they are of the Training Staff of 1952.  
It should have been one photo but it was in two parts, and would have been too big to put on here as one photo.

Gordon is in the middle row 2nd from left, and on the right the three Officers are also on the next photo.
Gordon died in 1989.


The following was sent in by Steve Hord with his Dads Group photo.
I recently stumbled upon your site after sorting out some old family photos and finding one I'm sending.
My Dad was Ernie Hord who is in the back row, but that is all I can tell you as he died over 10 years ago. I don't even know what years he was at West Kirby, but I hope this can be added to your great collection.

Kind regards, Steve Hord.

Steve's Dad is 2nd from right in the back row as you look at the photo.
As there is no date, and going by the fact they are all wearing Berets,
and the Squadrons are all letters of the Alphabet, it must be some where
between 1951 and 1954. The Sgt's names are Wison and Mc'Closky.
If anyone knows when this was taken, please let me know. Les haines.


Kenneth has drawn round his head for his position.

Ken is in the back row 2nd from right.

Above photos, of 1952, sent in by Ken C Brown.
If anyone has any details on the above photos please let me know.
Les Haines, Webmaster.

Above photo and signatures sent in by Lynda Ashton, Daughter of John Fox,
who is in the front row 2nd from left as you look at the photo.
John's Wife Betty Lynch, who was a WAAF (Nurse), they met at one of the RAF Camps,
sadly they have both died.

Above sent in by John Rowlands, via Cliff East.

The following pictures were sent in by  Bob Jones

Bob believes that the first picture was from 1951/2, when Air Vice Marshall Sir John Whitworth Jones decided to visit West Kirby, unannounced.

B. J. ROLFE (Margate); J. PEVY (Deal); R. W. NEAL (Dover); L. COOK;

Above two photos, sent in by Ted Tedman, Jan - Feb 1952.
Ted is in the back row 2nd from left,
Sgt. Usherwood middle font row
and the top photo Ted is 3rd from right in
the front row, Senior man.

Terry Forman back row 1st., right, Cpl. ?, Sgt. Usherwood, Cpl. ?

Jan - Mar 1952.
Terry Forman is on right middle row,
and Arthur Townend on left, middle row.

Terry and George.

 Terry in the middle.
Above four sent in by Terry Forman.

Hut C25 Flt 141/1 Sqdn C Jan - March 1952.

Sent in by Tom Dobson, via Cliff.

Above 2 sent in by Norman Quirk, Jan. 1952.

Sent by D.Bird, via Cliff East,1952, Hut D20, BSqdn.

Sent Via Cliff East.

Gordon is 2nd from left middle row.

Above 3 photos & signatures sent in by Mick Briggs,
on behalf of his Grandfather, Gordon King.
Mick is a serving Member of the RAF.

Above 3 sent in Peter Worral, via Cliff East.
Feb - May 1952.

Above photo and DI's Signatures sent in by Peter Roden, via Cliff.

Sent by Harry (Jock) Renton, via Terry Barry.
Harry is standing, rear right.

Above sent in by Brian Hughes.
Sgt. Mahoney in the middle, on his right is Ernie Churchill,
Brian is second on the left from the Sgt.
Colin Duke is on the left of Brian, standing behind Sgt.
on his left is Cobb,and the one behind Cobb is Hughes.
In the back row 3rd from left is Edwicher.

Sent in by Roger Barrow, he would like to know if there
is anyone out there who knows March 1952

March 1952.

Above three sent in by Bryan Hand, via Cliff East.

 Hut #D.32 B SQN taken March 1952

A photo 'rescued from a tip' and kindly sent to Cliff

Photo sent in by Brian Goodhead, taken in April 1952,
Brian is in the back row 2nd from right.

Sent to me by Eric Horner, taken in April 1952. Eric is 2nd from left back row, back row central, Ted, middle row from left, Colin, then Terry, front row 2nd from left, joe. he said sorry he can't remember others. if anyone recognizes
themselves, let me know.

Hut B14, E Sqdn, 2 Wing, sent in by Henry Patey,
via Terry Barry and Cliff East.
Henry said his printer was running out of ink hence the blue look.
Anyone got this photo ??.

Above three sent in by Vic Pridmore, Via Cliff East.

Sent to me by Robin Godfrey.

3 Flt., H Sqd, sent in by Mick Bartlett.

Above photos sent in by Mick Bartlett, 03/02/2013,of his Hut A5, H Sqd, sept 1952..
Found in a drawer, the one above this, he sent in last year without names.


Above photo, sent in by Michael Brogan, via Cliff East.

Above sent in by David Neat, of his late Father Dudley Neat, July 1952, Hut D11.
Dudley is in the middle row far left.

Sent in by Mike Brogan, for Ken Smith.

Above two sent in by Cliff east.

Above sent in by Peter Henshaw, he is in the back row,
2 nd from left.
July 1952.

 The above pic was sent in by Colette Mason, Maurice's widow.
Maurice died in Oct 2015

A Flt. 1952 Aug/Sept, Di., is Sgt. Diver.
Above sent in by Bill Arkle, via John Doolan

Above photo sent in by Vic Richardson, Aug/Sept 1952, no other info.

Sent in by Robert H Osborne, via Cliff East.


Above two sent to me by Mike Stambois.

Above photo sent in by Mick Bartlett, 03/02/2013,of his Hut A5, H Sqd, sept 1952..
Found in a drawer, this is to replace the one he sent in last year without names.

Top Row. 2. Head Man. 3. Alan Merryweather.
Middle Row. 1. Kirkham.
Bottom Row. 4. Sgt. White. 5 Cpl. Brown.
Sent in by Alan Merryweather, also a piece on our 2nd web site under Memories Page.
I Have just been told by Cliff East, that he has heard from Del Williams, that the Sgt. and Cpl above should be Sgt., Chivers and Cpl. Lemon, not white and Brown.
He should know as he was their Flight Commander for a few months as his write up on page 47 of our Guest book.
Here is a copy of his comments.

Following the arrival formalities at Station Headquarters, I was making my way towards the Squadron to which I had been assigned when I met a squad of recruits approached from the opposite direction. The voice of
the SNCO sounded very familiar and it turned out to belong to Sgt. Chivers, who a year previously had been the course SNCO at 3 ITS. Accompanying him was Cpl. Lemon who had been one of the drill instructors.
I was to be their new Flight Commander.

Del told the Editor, of the mistake about two years ago, and it only got to me on 12/02/2011, as I said above by Cliff. I havent a clue who the Editor could be, but as Webmaster everything that is requested to be put on our site should be sent to me or Cliff, please.
Les Haines Webmaster.

Above sent in by Jim Barlow, via Cliff East.

Rear Rank - Donald Denbigh - Unknown -Unknown - Unknown - Unknown
Middle Rank - Tom Foley - Gary Greenacre - Unknown - Sidney Finbow - Unknown - Unknown - Derek Hancock
Front Rank - A.C Harris - Unknown - Basil Downing - Sgt Chivers - Cpl Lemon - Michael Enderbury - Tony Chilton - Colin Christmas
Sent in by Derek Hancock, via Cliff.

Above 6 photos and signatures, sent in by Albert Stanley's,  Son Gary.
Oct - Nov 1952.

Hut C 19, 'C' Sqn. October - November 1952,
sent to me by Maurice Underhill.

HUT A.18, 'G' Squadron. Nov. 1952
Back: Richardson D; Paramore, R (me); Rogers,L; Morgan, D; Roberts, P (wrong spelling in pic); Norris,A.W;
Middle: Read,M; Siggery,M; Mercer,R; Mills,R; Sturman,E; Orme,P; Parr,N;
Front:Powell,B; Smith, B; Sgt. Michelson; Sgt.Timmins (Irish); Cpl. Radford; Paisley,F; Spink,F.
Above photo sent in by Rex Paramore.

Above sent in by Doug Laidlow, via Cliff East.

Sent to me by Victor (Vic) Pagdin, November 1952,
Hut A10, H Squadron.Sgt. Waugh, DI., Cpl. Physic,
Vic says he is the cherub extreme right back row.

Above sent by Nick Pearson, his Dad Joe, is on the
left standing with the arrow pointing at him.

Above photo sent in by Ken Dodd, December 1952.
Hut B 21, F Squadron, Ken is in the front row 2nd from left.

Another from Vic with the cup, was that for the best Hut?
Just heard from Alan Bradbury, the cup was the 'Drill Cup'
won by 2 Flt.

The cup again with the proud DI's. Above three from Vic Pagdin,
more on the History page. Alan Bradbury said the DI's are,
Cpl Mullen, Sgt Waugh, Cpl Physic,
Cpl. (?) Hut A3, ( from Beaconsfield).

Above sent in by Pete Arthur, Hut W8, 1952 / 53
Geoff Sayle and Pete is on the left.

Above photo sent in by Lionel Finch. 1952/3, Hut D33, B Squadron.
Lionel is in the back row far left.



Above 5 photos sent in by Peter Tait, Son of Cpl. William D. Tait,
who died in 1993. In the 1st photo Cpl. Tait has the dog
with him, in the 2nd he is with the stick, in the third he
is in the front of the 4 Di's, in the 4th he is on the left,
all I have for the other Di, he only knew as Don.
The 5th one, he is on the left, P/O Harrison, Cpl. Calladine.
the only dates I have is 1953 - 1956.

Tony is 4th from left middle row.

Above two sent in by Tony Hall.
Jan / Feb 1953

The above photo was given to Cliff at the Cosford stand.

Above two photos sent to me by Bill Mason via Cliff East.
Bill was at West Kirby in Jan/March 1953, in Smuts Sqdn.
Sgt.in both photos is Sgt. Usherwood.

Sent to me by David Prior, Feb or Mar 1953.
David is in the middle row 2nd from right.
His son Stephen has E mailed me to say his Dad died
on Christmas Eve, 2009.

Above 3 sent in by Bill Davis, via Cliff East.

Above photo and signatures,
sent in to Cliff East, from Kenneth Chamberlain.

All names left to right:-
Back row:- J. Alan, K. Chamberlain, D. Curtis, J. Berry.
Middle row:- J. Bryan, B. Clarke, B. Ballard, Ray Cheetham, B. Armitage.
Front row:- K. Colver, F. Chaunside, D. Cummings, Cpl. Hoare, B. Sleigh,
P. Brown, D. Clark.

The above names were sent in by Helen Gannon, via Cliff East,
Her father, Ray Cheetham, is in the above photo I have copied and pasted
from the one that ken Chamberlain sent in, unfortunately Ray died in 2002.
Helen would love to hear from anyone who new Ray.
Her Email address is:- helenganno@blueyonder.co.uk
Just copy and paste the E-mail address.

The tall DI at the back was Cpl. Tooze.
Just heard from Peter Robson, via Cliff East, more dates and names. The other 2 DI's are Cpl. Elvidge on left and Cpl. Phillips on the right. Harry Walker sent me the name of the Sgt. its Sgt. Meehen, Officer unknown.
They were in charge of Intake 193-1, C Squadron, Hut B, 31st March /April 1953.

If you know any more on the names, please let me know, Les Haines, Webmaster

Above sent in by Dan Nutt, via Cliff East.

Above photo and names by Pete Robinson.

Above 4 photos and signatures,
sent in by Tony Grimley, via Cliff East.

Ray Whetton is fourth from left centre row.

Sent in by Cliff East for Ray Whetton April 1953, Hut B6.

Hut C2 B, April 1953. Sent in by Ron Brown, via Cliff East.
Ron is 3rd from right back row.

April 1953, Hut A 4, D sqdn.

Above photo given to Cliff East at Cosford 07/2011, by Mr Carr.

Above sent in by Alan Cooke, via Cliff.

Sgt., Dunkery's Flight, B Sqdn.
Above sent in to Cliff East by Reg Appley's Son in Law,
Reg died last November.

Sent to me via Cliff East.

From Ray Morgan, via Cliff East. Intake 199, "A" Squadron, May 1953.

Above three photos sent in by Bill Binden, intake No.200..3, B. Squadron Hut No. C9, 1953.

Roosevelt Squadron, 194/3 May 1953.
Cpl's. Howard, Macfarlane, Blair And Tinsley

Sent in by Malcolm Bowen, he is front row far left.
Hut A23, Intake 198/2, D Squadron, May 1953.

Sent by Cliff, as far as I know gordon is not a relative,
might be wrong.

Cliff has sent his photos,as above,and his DI's.
Anyone know the four ??.

Sent in by Bob Clay, he is in the middle row 3rd from left.
Another photo of his Squadron,on parade, is on the
History page

Above photo sent to me by Cliff East.

Intake No. 202-2, 'D' Squadron, June 1953.
Above two sent to me by Robin Godfrey

Back row. P Owen, D Ricketts, W Nagle, G Parsons, F Rees,
Ronny Robinson (Dad)
middle row. Rosser, C Oats, R Peacock, E noble, T Northeast, R Pelling,
M Pulman.
front row. E Mullen, F Pringle, D Steele, Cpl S Smith, D Scott, D O'Gorman,
R Swan
Sent in by Shaun Robinson, in memory of his Dad,
who died November 2006. See, News 2 page.

Photo sent in by Norman White, he is in centre row 2nd from right, chap on his left, nicknamed Dan Archer, senior man in the centre, behind Cpl. McCracken, he thinks is Serle, other name not known. and to Cpl. McCracken's right is Joe Thornton. 1953.

Above sent in by Nev Allen, via Cliff East.

Above three photos sent in by Alwyn York.
June / July, 1953. The billet squad and his DI's.,
and his new mate Sims in a New Brighton photo kiosk.
Terry Williams has left a message on our Guest book,
saying he is in this photo, Terry is 2nd fromt right middle row.
He would like to get in touch with Alwyn.
His E-address is:- tjthechalet@yahoo.com

Hut D, Sqd D, July / Aug 1953.
Dennis is in the middle row 2nd from left.
Dennis is on the left, ?.
Above 3 sent in by Dennis Holland.

Above 4 photos sent in by John Pardoe, via Cliff East.

Above three photos sent in by Jim Simpson,
Via Cliff East.

Above two given to Cliff East, by Eric Chambers.

Back Row:- Lockwood, Hoyle, Richardson, Donohue.
Middle Row:- O'Brian, Field, Smith, Briggs, Anson, Briggs, Flavell.
Front Row:- Leatherbarrow, Fowler, Hartley, Cpl. Jones, Jackson, Watmouth and Makin.
The Cpl. sitting in front, unknown. sent in by Dennis Anson, via Cliff East.

Cliff has been going through his files and has found the
date for the above photo, july - Sept 1953

Above photo sent in by Derek Painter, August 1953.
Derek is 5th from left. back row.
He would like to hear from any of the following,
George Crook, Jim Raynor, Ray Linden and Jim Leverett.

Above sent in by J Wittering, via Cliff East.

Hut A '19' august 1953.
Front row:- from the left, Charlie Riley, Denis Champion fred Clarke,
Cpl. DI. Shaw, |James brill, Colin Atkinson.
Back row:- jack Ratcliff, Terry Brock, bob Ellis, Dick Hart, John MacLocklyn

Square Bashing.


Fred and Terry.

Above sent in by Colin Fretwell, via Cliff East.

September 1953, Intake No. 210/3 Flt., D Squadron, Sgt. Younger.
The following were all in Hut A5.
Grayson, Humphrey, Hardy, Welstead, Harding, Fox,
Gaunt, Fuller, Hendrey, Gurney, Haines, Derrington, Rose,
edwards, Ashley, (R.I.P. 1976) All others unknown.

Above photo sent in by Mike Vozza,
Intake No. 213, Hut B15, C Squadron, sept 1953.
Di is Cpl., Cox. Mike is in the back row 2nd from left.
He went on to serve 22 years.

 The following two pictures have been sent in by Jim Nash
September 1953

Above three photos sent in by Jeff Edwards.

Sent in by Fred Reeves via Cliff.

They are from left to right, Cpl. Graham, Unknown Officer,
Cpl. Wood? and Cpl. Corrigan.
Above 4, received from Eric Betts via Cliff East. Intake 214,
15th Sept 1953, 'D' Sqdn.

DI is Cpl Myers.

Above two photos sent in by Alan Hoare,

On the left Cpl.Peter Newman, ?, Cpl Bob Jarvis.

Above 9 photos sent in by Cliff East from
Cpl Bob Jarvis.
More on the History page

Above two from Cliff East.

Sent to Cliff East, by Michael Fellows.
Sept/Nov 1953, Hut D22, C squadron.

Above photos sent in by Ian Swindale, via Cliff East.

Above photo sent in by Sidney (Sid) Wright.
sidney is in the front row fifth from the right

Above 4 sent by Clifford Bailey, via Cliff East.

Sent to me by Cliff East.
Recived 2nd photo of the above, sent by C.A.Bailey, via Terry Barry.
C.A.Bailey is in front row, 3rd from right.

Above three photos sent to me by Cliff East.

Above two, sent in by John Sparling, via Cliff East.

Above 3 sent to me by Alan.

Cpl. Howes, Cpl. ?, Sgt Preston. Sgt. Stanbury, Cpl. Littler, Cpl.Denniss.

Cpl. Plunkett, in middle and Brian Seares Middle row 4th from left.
'C' Squadron, Hut 'B'Nov., 1953From Robin Godfrey.

Our Drill Corporals! D Sdn Cpl Howard, Cpl MacFarlan, Cpl Fagg
(my instructor and a great chap), Cpl Blair, Cpl Hilton.
Just heard from Robin Godfrey that Cpl., McFarlan, the last time he spoke to him ,he is alive and well up in Bonnie Scotland.

Above  photo sent in by Geraint Hughes 2706134
was at W/K late 1953.
Geraint is standing behind P/O Smith.

One of Geraints mate's drew this cartoon of him.

Above two sent in by David tennant, he is not in the photo as he was in the sick bay at the time, on Fatigues. He remember the following,
david Royal, middle row 3 from right,
John Young & Don Weston, front row, 2nd & 3rd from left.
2 more photos on the History 1 Page.

Above sent in by Roy Slim, he is in the front row, 3rd from left.

Intake No: 226-6, Hut No: A6, D Squadron - December 1953.
Above photo and signatures sent in by Phil Jones.

Sent in by Dennis Anson.
Back row, Lockwood, Hoyle, richardson & donohue.
Middle, O,Brian, Field, Smith, Briggs, Anson,Briggs, & Flavell.
Front, Leathbarrow, Fowler, Hartley, Cpl Jones, Jackson,
Watmouth & Makin.
(I somehow lost this photo when I was rearanging them, but
Dennis noticed and sent it again, sorry Dennis).

The following 4 photos have in common, the DI,
a Cpl Colin "Geordie" Newton,he was a DI at W/K
for 10 years, the squad pictures have been passed on
from him, but there is no other information about them.
If anyone has any information,
could you let Cliff or myself know.

Received the one above from Roy Taylor via Cliff East,
to add to other 4.

The above 5 photos have in common, the DI,
a Cpl Colin "Geordie" Newton,he was a DI at W/K
for 10 years, the squad pictures have been passed on
from him, but there is no other information about them.
If anyone has any information,
could you let Cliff or myself know.

The following six photos sent to me by Cpl. Barrie James.

Cpl. James, centre and Snr. Man, McKay on his left.

Cpl.James, PO Farr and Cpl. Swan.

Trenchard Sqd. 53 - 56.

Trenchard Sqd. 53 - 56

Cpl. James, Trenchard Squadron
DI. from 1953 - 1957. Hut's 195 - 198.

Cpl. James, and unknown airman.

Above two sent in by John Taylor, via Cliff East. One is December 1953,
and the other as you can see is Jan 54, both of Hut 30.


 1953  Dec -Jan 1954 John Blackery Hut B  Intake 229-3  C Sqdn Di's

1953  Dec-Jan 1954 John Blackery  Cookhouse or NAFFI

1953  Dec-Jan 1954 John Blackery Hut B Intake 229-3  C Sqdn

1953  Dec-Jan 1954 John Blackery Hut No B   Intake 229-3  C Sqdn

John Blakery's photos, sent in by his son Kev