1954 - 55.

The old brass, Kings Crown badge,

                                                and the new staybrite Queens Crown badge.



The following item was sent in by Leon MacDonald, known as Mac.

I was “introduced” to West Kirby on Monday 5th July 1954.
Like most eighteen year olds standing on the platform at RAF Cardington waiting to board the train to West Kirby I thought my world had come to an end. We were “greeted” by this little Hitler of a drill sergeant who proceeded to put the fear of God into us. I can’t remember his name hence this email. I’ll give what sparse information I can remember in the hope that someone will be able to enlighten me.
Posted to RAF West Kirby Monday 5th July 1954
My squadron was Trenchard
The drill sergeant was a Yorkshireman who was about 5’ 6” tall at most
His favourite saying (when he caught someone swinging their arms about during drill instruction) was “what do you think you are, a bloody windmill? Keep your arm still or I'll tear it off and beat you to death with the soggy end”.
I remember one of the drill corporals came from Bournemouth. I believe he was an RAF boxing champion. I remember he had a BSA Gold Wing motorbike
As the August bank holiday came in the middle of our training, we would have had our passing out parade on Friday 3rd Sept 1954.

These are the only details as such that I can recall. Not much but hopefully someone can fill in some blank spaces, also I would like to make an appeal for a lad who was in the next billet to me. All I know about him is his RAF number which was 2727272. I’m hoping he would be able to come up with more information about our intake at West Kirby.

If you have any information on the above, please contact me Les Haines, webmaster.
Mac said he had someone contact him and they have been speaking on the phone.


Last week I received the following E mail, and today the photos arrived.
One had the date April 1954, the other two are not dated. I have put them below Peter's E mail and if anyone knows or can give me information on Ronald Dean, plase get in touch, Les.

Dear Mr Haines .
My name is Peter , I work for a company in Stratford upon Avon . and am an avid Aviation Buff and Photographer . Recently our company Accountants Mother passed away and whilst going through her belonging she came across her Mothers late Husbands belongings ( he was our accountants step father ) amongst her belongings were 3 A4 size card mounted photos of seated personal one of which is signed by those on it , not wanting them herself and knowing my aviation interests she passed them on to me ,I am hoping that these photos will be off interest to you and you association , if so I will sent them to you free of charge , unfortunately they are not dated , the only info I have is his name was Ronald Dean , born around 1932 , he joined very young probably around the early 50's , he is named in two of the photos ,he was involved in aerial photography during his service life , he passed away February 2013, hope this is of help . if you would like these photos I would be more than pleased to post them to you .
With kindest regards
Peter Steele

Ronald Dean is in the back row 3rd from left.

And in this one he is in the front row, 1st left

Above sent in by Fred Fowkes Daughter, Carmella.
I have the year, 1954, but nohing else.
Fred is seated 3rd from the right.

No idea where Ronald is in this one, nor the Flight and Squadron.


Above photo sent in by Harry (Bill) Titley.
He has a book on the Shop page.

Above 2 photos and signatures, sent in by Mick Uzzell, for Mike Adams, via Cliff East.

Sent in by Ron Chadney via Cliff East.

Above photo and signatures sent in by Gordon Horner,
via his Son in law, Paul Dowsett.

Above photo sent to me by Richard Patrick East.
Richard is middle row 2nd from right, as you look at photo.

Above sent in by Eric Simmons, via Cliff East. Hut B31,
February 1954. Eric is in middle row far right,
his name is spelt wrong on the photo.

Above from Robin Godfrey, Febuary 1954,
'C' Squadron, Hut B32.

Above photo sent in by Gerald Walker, March 1954, Churchill Sqdn.
  Brian Lawrance left  a message on our Guest book,
re the Cpl's name as King, also date was March,
and his location on the photo as, middle row 4th from right,
he sent me the signatures, yesterday 01/05/2013,
he also said he hopes Gerald Walker reads this  and gets in touch .

Above sent in by Tommy Mann, February 1954.
Tommy is third from left middle row.

Sent in by John Ades, he is in the middle row, 4 th from right.
Feb. 1954. His name is spelt incorrectly in the photo.

Does anyone know the chap in the rear row, ringed ?.
Since being in hospital last week, (March 2010),
I have some how lost who this photo
came from, could you please get in touch again.
This was sent as 1951, but it is 1954.

Hut 27, Brian is in the front row on the end right.
The only other name he can remember is Cliff Darlow,
who is in the second row first left.

Hut 28.

Hut 29.

Hut 30.

Hut 31.

Above 6 photos sent in by Brian Bellamy, Feb/Mar 1954.

Above photo sent in by G Vernon, via Cliff East.

Above 3 sent in by David, via Cliff East.

Above three photos sent in by David Rolfe, via Cliff East.

Brian is 3rd from right in the Middle row.

Aove 2 photos sent in by Ellena Mole, Grand Daughter of Brian Mole.
in the 2nd photo Brian is in the back row 2nd from left, the front row of names is missing.
If anyone remembers Brian, please contact me Les Haines and I will let Ellena know.

Above photo is from Ernie Fawthrop's Widdow,
to Cliff, via her Brother in law David Thwaite.

Above 3 sent in by John Daniels,
via Cliff east.

Above photo sent in by Ann Ballman, for Harry Ballman.
Harry is in the back row 2nd from left.
Above three, sent in by Peter Boskett, April 1954.

Above two photos, sent in by Malcolm Yeoman,
via Cliff East.

DI's., Cpl., Marquis and Cpl., Marsden.
Sent in by Gerald Pardey, he was at W. K., May to July 1954,
Hut 19, Churchill Squad.one of the Cpl's. was his DI.

5 Churchill Sqd., May 1954, DI's. Left to right standing, Cpl. King,
Cpl. Purdy, Cpl. MaCracken (minus spectacles),seated left to right,
Cpl. Hirons, Cpl. Meadows.
Above photo sent in by Robin Godfrey.

Above photos sent to me by Tom Ellis, via Cliff East.
June / July 1954. Tom is in the middle row 5 th from left.

Two more photos from Tom Ellis, sent via Cliff East.

Sent to me by Jim Morris,via Cliff East.

Cpl. Parker, back row, end right Phil Newman,
sent to me by Robin Godfrey.

 The following five pictures are from Robin (Bob) Thornton. On being called up for National Service Bob decided to sign on for three years. After being kitted out at Cardington Bob was at West Kirby 21 June 1954 to 16 August 1954 Hut 193

sent in by Robin (Bob) Thornton - June/Aug '54

sent in by Robin (Bob) Thornton - June/Aug '54

sent in by Robin (Bob) Thornton - June/Aug '54

sent in by Robin (Bob) Thornton - June/Aug '54

sent in by Robin (Bob) Thornton - June/Aug '54

Hut 257, October 1954.
Above photo sent in by David Hall, his Father Rodney Graham Hall died
just after Christmas 2010. Hut 257.

Above sent in by Brian Emerson, Via Cliff.

Sent in by Trevor Bradshaw 2734605, 5 Flt. Smuts Squadron Sept - Nov 1954,
via Terry Barry. Trevor is front row 1st on left. DI. is Cpl. Payne.

The DI's are from the left,Cpl.Bryant
(known as "the black mamba"), Cpl. Jennings, Cpl. Parker,
and Trevor thinks it is Cpl. Newton

Here is Trevor again.

Above photo from Michael Uzzell.

Above sent in by Jim Bradshaw, he is not in the
photo as he was on "Stick Duty" that day.
"A" Squadron, B,Flt., Hut D9, Feb., 1954.

Peter Brian Evans's DI's.
Above 3 photos sent in via Cliff East.

The Above 4 photos sent in by Colin Pratt, via Cliff East,
Colin is in the back row on the right, all smart in their best blues,
Trenchard Sqd., Hut 9c, Flight No. 1, June 1954

Cpl's. Robbie Robertson and George Harris.

Cpl's. George Harris, Bill Young and Robbie Robertson.
All were in No. 3 Flight, Trenchard Squadron.

Back row, Cpl's. Johnny Lacham and George Harris,
Sgt. Johnny Salter and Pilot Officer Geoff Thomas.

Back row left, Cpl's. ----?, Holloway, Franks, Beale, Dennis, Nuttall,Carter,
Cocker. Parker, Robertson and Jarvis.
Middle row, Cpl's. Harris, Nestor, Whitaker, Ball, ----?, ----?, Hinchcliffe,
Tweedie, Dereck and Don Cadwallader, Newman, Wood, Young and Smith.
Front row, Cpl. Baird, Sgt's. Chivers and Cox, ----?, ----?, Flt. Lt. Saunders,
Sqn. Ldr. Hill, Flt. Lt. Hooper, ----?, P.O. DeLannos, ----?, F/Sgt. Long and Sgt ?.
Above 4 sent in byGeorge Harris.

Above photo sent to me by, Peter Marks, July/Aug., 1954.
This was sent in 2 half's I joined them together, but am not happy with it.
Peter is sitting above the X.

Aug 1954, sent in by Roland Blaney, via Cliff east

On the photo below, 6 th from right, is G. Richman.
Above 4 photos and signatures,
sent in by G.E. Richman, Aug / Sept 1954,
via Terry Barry.
More photos on the History page.

No 4 Flt RAF West Kirby 16 Sep 1954.
Back Row: Ron Durnford, Brian Cunningham, Harry Dunn, Alan Harper, Roy Griffiths, Ivor Evans,
Tom Godfrey, Ted Horsenail, Dave Goldsworthy, Bob Dorser, Roy Gummerson, Locky Hillyer.
Front Row: Neil Forsyth, Mick Gustard, Moss Gibbons, Ed Harvey, Cpl AA Ryan, Col Dutton,
 Norman Hare, Pete Fear, Alan Green

Sgt. Mahoney, Cpl. Ball, Cpl. Dean, Cpl. Wade, Cpl. Ryan.
Above two sent in by david Harvey, the Son of Edward (Ed) Harvey.
His Father died in 2004.

June 1954 Hut 94, Trenchard Sqdn. Nov 54- Jan 55.
Robin was in Churchill Sqdn.,

Photo sent by Robin Godfrey, with permission from Ron Hodgetts,
Ron is 2nd from left back row.

Di's Trenchard Sqdn. 1954,
Arnie Lambe on left, Gordon Holloway in the middle,
and Alan "Timber" Wood on right. Above sent to me by Arnie.

Above photo sent in by John.
He also sent in the staybrite badge.

Photo from Phil Williams, Aug. 1954, Churchill.
Some of the names:- (who is who, no idea). R.Smith, R.Wayte, Roy Wallwork, Vic Rowe, ?. Riddle, J.Spur, F.Knowles, W.Ryan, Phil Williams, Cpl. Lewis, Sgt. Gamsby, ?, Robertson, E.Shaw and R.Wesseldine.

Above photo sent in by Roland Blaney, Aug 1954, via Cliff East.

Sent in by Pete Cook, via Cliff East.

Intake No.1, Ken is 2nd from right, back row.
Next to him with glasses is Mike Minter,
middle row 5th from right, Rafferty ?
next to him 6th in is Pope, who did a bit of boxing.

September in the rain.

(Sprog) Ken, His word.
Above 3 photos sent to me by Ken McAuliffe.
And Ken has more to send over the next few weeks.

Above two sent in by Mike Brice, via Cliff East.
A further one is on the History page.

Above 3 from Robin Godfrey, haven't time to print all the names under, will do it later.

Sent in by Jan Ziegler, via Cliff East, Oct / Dec 1954.

Churchill Sqdn. Dec. 1954, sent in by Peter Lamb,
via Cliff East.

Sent in by Chris Meadows, via Cliff East.

Sent to me via Cliff East.

Cpl Tait is not in the photo although his name is.
1954 - 55

Above two sent in by Geoff Byrne, via Cliff East.

Above photo, Flight 5, Roosevelt Squadron.

Terry gave this photo and signatures to Cliff at the 2009 Reunion.

Above sent to me via Cliff east.

No photo to go with this Birthday boy's names,
but anyone got a photo of Hut 86 for the above date,
Please send it to me and I will add it.
Les, Webmanager.

Above two sent in by P J Shortiss, via Cliff.

Sent in by Ian Johns, Son of Raymond Johns.
Raymond is in the middle row far right.

Colin is second on the right front row.

Above three sent in by Colin Thackeray, 1954 / 56.
The 3 Di's. are from left to right,
Cpl. Pete Diamond, Cpl. Paddy Hinchcliffe, and Cpl. George Harris.
This information was sent in by George, 13/02/09.

Pics sent in by  Roy Fulcher




Above two photos sent in by Keith Lee.
He says this was his mates from Trenchard squadron, could be Hut 200.
In the first photo, Keith is far right with hand on hip,
and the second one he is far left, next to the chap in the white shirt.
Anyone know the Month????.

Above two photos from K. K. Smith, known as Ken or Kerrie, sent in by his Daughter Christine Walls. No idea of dates at W/K, Ken could be 6th from left in the back row.
The other photo he could have taken himself, of mates.
Anyone who knew Ken and other information of Hut etc. please let me know.
Les, Webmaster.


Above 4 sent in by Cpl. Alan Sutcliffe, no names , just Trenchard 1955.
If you recognize anyone please let me know, then I can put them in their right order.
Webmaster, Les Haines.


Above photo sent in by Martin Riley, Son of Trevor George Riley.
Trevor died in February 2009, and is in the front row, third from the left,
as you look at the photo.
The only information is, Hut 262, Nco i/c Flight was Cpl. Slater,
and Billet NCO i/c was Cpl. Lewis.
If anyone else knows anything of Trevors days there, please get in touch.

Just had an E-mail, 19-08-09, from John Dutton, he was a friend of Trevors,
and he said the photo should be February,1955.

Had an E-mail today, 3-2-10, from Keith Sparling, he is in the front row with
the arm band, next to Cpl.Slater. He says it was1955 June. If you would like to get in touch with Keith, Martin, he has given me permission to put his E address, as follows:- keithsp@hotkey.net.au Just copy and paste.

Above sent in by George F. Potter.

Just had an e-mail (25/07/09), from John Powell telling me
he is in the back row, extreme left.

Sent by Merv Owen, via Cliff East.
Jan 55 Trenchard, DI Cpl Coles

Above photo, sent in by Phil Sellens.
Jan - Apr., 1955, Churchill Squadron, 3 Flight.

Lou (Robin) King, and mate Robin Brown.
1955 Jan/Feb, Churchill Squadron.

Above photo sent in by Gordon Wilson.
Jan 1955, Hut 175 , 48/1/54 Intake Smuts Squadron.
Back Row.? Scott, B.Shakespeare, M. Ward, N. Slack, G.Wilson, K.Booth, D.Shea.
Front Row. R.Sawer, B.Winterbottom, A.Springthorpe, J.Walker, Cpl ?, A.Taylor, R.Teeuw, ? Grey, ?Parry.

Cpl McNally NCO i/c Billet.

Gordon is 3rd from the right Back row.

Sent in by Alan dart, via Bob Oliver & cliff East.

Above sent in by Wal Wootton, 6 Flt. Roosevelt Squadron, Feb 1955.
Wal is in the front row 3rd from right, DI. is Cpl. Hawthorn.

Above sent in by Graham Robinson, via Cliff east.

Above two sent via Cliff.

Sent via Cliff East.

Above two sent in by Michael J Davies.
Feb., 1955.
Michael is in the middle row far right.

Sent to me Via Cliff East.

Sent in via Cliff East.

Above two sent to me by Cliff east, the lower one from Don Sherry,
and the top one via Pat Honey, the Secretary of the NS(RAF)A.

Bryan Ernest Borer  
 March 1955

Bryan Ernest Borer  
March 1955

March 1955, not sure if Smuts Sqdn.
Sent in by Colin Goddard. Colin is in the back row 5th from left.
Just heard from Bob Dalton today, 18/07/2014, he thinks it isTrenchard Squadron.
Him and Colin have been E mailing each other regularly. Bob is in the front row 2nd from right.

Above photo, and Signatures, also sent in by Bob Dalton.
He hopes some old mates will get in touch.

Above photo sent in by Mike Jukes, via Cliff East,
he is on the far right, behind the chap kneeling.
Here are the signatures from the back of the photo.
17 in photo but 21 signed the back.

Derek Nolan, Peter Hall, Gordon Martin, Russell Kent, Roy T. May, John Hazell,
K. J. G. Ketley, Brian McLernon, G. Meaton, David Hayes, B. Marshall, R. Keay,
D. Donovan, Maurice Mead, Barry Maskell, Jack langford, Pat Heaton, Jacky Hall,
P. Lucas, the DI., is Cpl. Bullock, and Mike Jukes.

Arnold is 4th from right, back row.

Above 4 sent in by Arnold Creaser.
More on History page.
Colin Goddard is trying to contact Arnold,
but the E address keeps coming back "Unknown".
If you see this Arnold, can you contact me with your new E address,
please.  (Les, Webmaster).

Hut 278, Smuts Sqd., March / April 1955.
Norman Berry is the one third from right, front row, with glasses.
This was sent in by Norman's Son Dave, as sadly his Father has passed away.
Anyone who knew Norman, if they go to the Guest Book they will find
Dave's E-address, he would like to hear from you.

The above photo was sent in by E.T.Baxter, via Cliff.
The two photos are of the same Hut, 278.

Cliff would like the contact details
from E.T.Baxter, please.

Above photo of Spitfire Hut, 4 Flight, Roosevelt Sqdn, and signatures
May /June 1955. was sent by Dave Haylock.
He is looking for Cpl. Bullock, their Senior DI.

Above sent in by David Taylor, he is seated front far right.
May - July 1955, trenchard Squadron, Hut 101, DI', Cpl Coles.

Above photo sent in by Michael bell,
he was in Hut 182, Smuts Sqd, 2 Flight, July 1955.
DI i/c of hut was Cpl Gordon Holloway,
the DI for 2 flt. was Georde Newton.

If you would like to get in touch with Michael,
I have his permission to put his E - address on:-

Above 2 photos and one below, sent in by C.E. (Chas) Jones,
1955 June/Aug, hut 276 Smuts squadron.
Have they just been issued with their new Caps??.
And finally, Chas after the Passing Out Parade,
all rearing to go.

Above 7 photos of Roosevelt Squadron, June 1955,
sent in by Charles Roberts.
Drill instructors were Cpl Bullock, Cpl Hill.
Our officer I/c the Squadron was Flt. Lt. Johns who had seen active service 39 to 45,
not in photos.

Above photo sent in by Neil Page. Churchill Sqd., July/Aug., 1955.
Neil is in the middle row 3rd from right, DI's are Cpl Jones & Toomey.

Above 3 sent in by Jack Kemp, July/Aug 1955.
& 1 on the News 1 page.

Sent via Cliff east.

Sent to me via Cliff East.

Above photo and signatures sent in by Brian Cort,
Roosevelt Squadron, Hut 252 V, 18th July/19th september 1955.

Roosevelt Squadron, 1954 or 55, Cpl. Mac Farlane,
sent to me by Robin Godfrey.

Just had an E mail (4/10/2012),  from Owen Jaynes, he is in the front row far left.

Hut 329, Roosevelt Flt. Aug 1955.
Above sent in by Pete Cook, via Cliff east.

Sent in via Alan Forsyth, with the blessing of the owners of the photos,
Jimmy Smith and Ted Ball.

Above two sent to me via Cliff East.

 The following three have been sent in by Owen Masters  4172748  Aug -Oct 1955

Taken May 1955, Smuts Sqdn. Ray Jones, left.
Pete Jefferies, centre. Wes Howard, right.
Just started Square Bashing. Sent in by Wes Howard.

This is Ron Cripps Flight 1955. Ron is to be seen centre row right,
little dreaming that ultimately he would rise to the rank of Wing Commander.

Roosevelt Squadron, 1955, I will rewrite the Cpl's names.
Cpl. Hilton, Cpl. Blair, two Officers, Cpl. Fagg, Cpl. MacFarlane.

Churchill Squadron, 3 Flight, Hut No. 46,1955, Cpl. Milne.
Above 2 sent to me by Robin Godfrey.

Above photo sent in on behalf Brian McKiddle, by his Son Andrew,
date March, 1955.

Sent to me by Michael Cunnington, Trenchard Squadron, 1955.
Michael is in the middle row 3rd from left,
and DI., Cpl (Jim) Wood centre front row.

Sent in by Ken Brown, via Cliff.

Above photo sent in via., Cliff East.

Above photo sent to me via Cliff East.

Churchill Squadron, Sept/Nov., 1955. Above sent in by his Daughter Michelle,
on behalf of Stanley Woodroffe. Stanley is in the back row, far right.

Above two sent via Cliff east.

Sent in by Steve Clark. Hut 93, Trenchard Squadron 3/10/1955 - 28/11 1955.
Steve is in the back row 6th from the left, Bob Goodwill has the peaked hat, and Barry Clifton is in the front row 4th from right. The names below are not in order.

L. Gallimore, A.V.Gardner, Garry Cook, Brian Dean, H.Carter, F.Cameron, David Dracott, M.Griffiths, Michael Fagan, Les Gourley' Barry Clifton, D.S.W.Gower, Robert F Goodwill, Stephen Clark, j.W.Gant, Mick Dunn, Joe Cooney, Ron Craddock, John H Draycott.

Just had an E mail from Allan Timberlake (25/07/2012), he is 2nd from left back row.

Hut 96 sent in by Derek Sanderson's, Son Lyndon,
Derek is 3rd from right, front row. sadly he is no longer with us.
Lyndon say's, Some of the names on the photograph are illegible,
but I can still make out the following:
B Stepney, W Wingate, Maurice Strange, P G Whiteside,
and my father Derek Sanderson.
Anyone know the Cpl's name in the 2 photos above
( is it Cpl Hawthorn???).

Hut 279, Smuts Squadron, Oct/Dec 1955.
Back row, left to right:- John Carless, Desmond Cole, Kenneth Davies,
Michael Brewer, Eric Callow & Denis Gatland.
Middle row:- Robert Gale, Anthony Ferris, Berty Evans, John Edwards,
Derek Brindle, Geoff Crispe, Malcom Nicolls, & Raymond Dash.
Front row:- Eric Durney, Anthony Caunter, John Egley, William Hills,
Cpl., Brown, Mark French, Allan Ellner, David Driver, & Bernard Lambert.
The above photo and the one below sent in by Allan ,
he is in the front row, 3rd from right.

Allan and John Edwards.

Alan is standing far right, in the group photo.

Above two photos sent in by Alan Walton,
Hut 80, Churchill Squadron, December 1955.

Above sent to me via Cliff East.

From Alan Carter, via Cliff East. Dec. 1955, Hut 184,
No. 2 Flight, Smuts Squadron.
Back row far left, Roger Filby,
Front row 2nd from left is Jim Freer
Front row, in middle is Colin Newton,
Front row 3rd from right is Alan.

    Roy, Derek Wood,                           Roy.                      Jerry Cooke and Roy.
Brian Walton kneeling.

Nov/Dec 1955

                                                              Roy and Derek.
Above 5 photos sent in by Roy Doggett, via Terry Barry.

Had an E mail from Derek Wood (5/10/20120) telling me he is in two photos, so have added him to them.
Les, Webmaster.

This one sent in by Richard Hayter,
Trenchard, Nov 55, jan 56.

Above three sent in by John Dean via Cliff.

Above sent in by Stuart Law, Nov/Dec 1955- Jan56.
Stuart is in the back row, 4th from left.
He thinks the DI., was a Cpl., Wood.

This is Eric.

The above five photos were sent in by Eric Hattrell,
Dec 1955 - 56, he thinks it was Churchill Sqdn.
The only name is for the Cpl., above, in the beret,
he is Cpl Treanor.
Anyone has any information on the above photos,
Eric has given me permision to add his E address,
if anyone would like to get in touch with him re the
above photos:-   hattrell1@hotmail.co.uk

Heard from Dave Jones, 17th April 2012, he said the following:-
On this page (1955) I have identified myself as being on the front row bottom
 right in both photographs (with spectacles).
The other Corporal might well have been Robertson a Scott and much more human.

Above photo, sent in via Cliff East.

The following sent in by  James Choules - December 1955 to January 1956

Churchill Squadron, Hut 56,  December 1955 to January 1956. (Class Leader was Ray Arnold)
Back row L-R:    A.G. Barratt, L, Bartlett, J.Choules.
Centre row L-R: P. Catland, C(?) Dunford, A(?).M Brackenborough, B. Cook, V. Capon, J. Condon
Front row L-R:   H.W. Bishop, C. Campbell, R.A. Arnold, Cpl. A. Ryan, R.M. Blackhall, A.R. Burdett, B.K. Baker.

Above photo sent in by Derek Dancer, 5th December 1955 to February 1956,
Smuts Squadron.
Derek is not in the photo as he fell and sprained his ankle on his way home for Christmas, and was on sick parade the time this photo was taken.
Above sent in by Derek Loney. Churchill Sqdn., Nov 1955/ Jan 56.
Derek is in the middle row, 2nd from right, DI., is Cpl., Quinney.

Note the Cpl., in this photo is the same as the one in the photo above it.
could he be in charge of both Smuts and Churchil ??
Any ideas, let me know your thoughts. Les haines.

Trenchard Squadron Officers and NCOs 1955 -1956.
Back row. Cpl's. Croxtall, ----?, Peabody, Murphy, Keyes, ----?, Coles.
Middle row. Sgt. Tate, Cpl's. ----?, Scott, Wood, Harris, Smith, Bennett,James,
Jackson, Beale, Myers, Robertson.
Front row. Sgt. Davies with his dog, Sailor, F/Sgt. Anstey, P.O. Farr, ----?,
Sqn.Ldr, Hill, Flt.Lt, Saunders, Fg. Off. Jones, ----?, Sgt. Wheeler.
Above photo sent in by, George Harris.

Above photo sent in by Rob Grant, of his Father, Donald Keith Grant.
Rob said he thinks his Dad is in the group photo above,
4th from left standing. Sadly Donald died in July 2003

Above 5 sent in by Cpl Hadley, via Cliff East.
I have placed them at the bottom of 1955, as you can see
by the photos they run from 1955 - 57.
(Les Haines Webmaster).

Following two pics sent in by  John Rawlingson daughter - sometime between 1954-1956