1956 - 57.



John is in the back row 2nd from left.

The above photo, and letter from the ATC, Uxbridge Managment Committee was sent to me by
Caroline Speechley, Daugther of John Francis Willis, she said,
"I found these things in my fathers papers after he passed away, he was only in the R.A.F. for a short time because of health reasons, he spent more time in the A.T.C. dreaming of a life mending the wonderful machines - but it was not to be, nevertheless he was very proud of his association with West Kirby which is why I am sending you these things".

Trenchard Squadron, 6 Flt., Nov 1955 to Jan 1956.
Sent in by Derek Wood, he can remember the names of some.
Back row extreme left, Phil taylor, on his right Pat Welch and to his right Johnny Scarle,
centre back row Dave Childs,
Front row 3rd from left Brian Walton, & on his right John Smith,
DI is Cpl., Robinson, to the right of the DI is John Remington, next but one is Johnny Young, and Derek is on the extreme right front row.

Trenchard Sqdn 1956. Ralph is 4th from right in front row, next to the Cpl.
Off duty picture of us trying to keep warm in the cold winter.
Ralph is second from right having set the delayed release on the camera and rushed to squeeze in.
Above two photos sent in by Ralph Sparrow, plus one on the History 1 page.

Above photo sent in by Patrick Cunnell.
Patrick is in front row 3rd from left, on his right is Paul Annett,
and on his left is B. Glover. Flt NCO was D.C.King DI is Cpl., Ryan.
He thinks this was early 1956, and it was Churchill Squadron,
no idea of hut number.

If you recognize this photo please let me know,
Les haines webmaster.

Hut 185, Flt. 3, Smuts Squadron, Jan/Mar, 1956.

Stan Todd, alan Tapson and Roy.
Above three items sent in by Roy taylor, via Cliff East.

Above photo and signatures sent in by George Tilbury, via Cliff East.

Sent in by Terry Watkins, via Cliff East.

Photo and signatures sent in by the above, via Cliff East.

Sent in by Anthony (Tony) Rudge, 1956, Via Cliff.
Back row L to R, Whitehorn, Searby, Wills (police), Stanley,
Mountford, Mishey, (Tony thinks)
Centre row L to R, Templeton, Witham, Rymond, Williams,
Sharpe (photographer), Gale (batman), Ellis (cook) Rudge (police).
Front row L to R, Abbey, Tony Foster, Garry, Jones, Thomas (DI),
Dillon, Tich, Butch, Scroton.

The above is a plan of Tony's hut, as far as he can remember.
He was in Roosevelt Sqn.

Sent in by Bob Allard, via Terry Barry.
Hut 274, March 1956

Above 4 photos sent to me by Kirsty Smith via Cliff East.
Of her Grandfather, James Edward Mailer.

Above photo sent in by Colin Hatton, Hut 258, Roosevelt Sqn.
DI & Cpl., i/c Cpl Mond. date about mid March to end May 1956.
Colin is seated on the right of the Cpl. and the other side in a blazer, chap named Hayes or Haines??
2nd from right seated, Derek  Fowlds,
 ( Mr Derek - basil Brush, Oscar Blackton - heart Beat,
and Bernard Wooley - yes Prime Minster).

Above sent in by Gerald Hill, March to June. The following are the names,
Gerald remembers. Back row L to R, 1st D. Mason, 5th A. Hogg
7th D. Marshall, 9th K. Mansfield, and last in line Gerald.
Front row L to R, 1st E. Haines, 2nd P.Howe, 3rd B. Longcroft
5th Cpl. Brown, 6th D. Hoar, 8th J.R. Haywood, and last, Bryan Herring.

Gerald said if any of the people wish to send him an email it would be great to hear from you. Just copy and paste the following:- ghill.elephas@btinternet.com

Gerald has met up with E. Haines again, after this photo was put on.

Above sent in by Brian Bolton, March 1956, Hut 94.
Brian is third from left, middle row.

Sent in by David Smythe, he is in the back row, 2nd from right.
The tall chap in the back row, he believe's is John Wilde,
a Junior county cricketer. The Cpl. was Welsh ?

Sent in by Harry Bolton, via Terry Barry.
April/June 1956, Smuts Sqaudron. Harry is 4th from the right
Cpl's name was Whydle.
There are five more photos from Harry on the History 2 Page.

Above  sent in via Cliff East.

Above sent in by Malcolm Ward, via Cliff East.

Sent in by Ian Vaughan, April 1956.

Back Row:- Brian Thake, Johnny Reeves, Mick Ramsey.
Second Row:- Michael Vance, Roy Saxton, Ray Standing,
Pete Stammers, John Spencer, R. Wallis, Brian Uttley, Ron Turney,
Peter Simmonds.
Front Row:- Brian Williams, Keith walton, John Walker,
Denis Wilson (Senior Man),
Cpl. Vale, Cpl. Wood, Eddie Sweeney, Ian Vaughan, Tom Pettler.
Sent by Ian Vaughan, via Cliff East. Hut 273, 6 Flight,
Smuts Squadron, 16th April to 18th June 1956.

Two photos and signatures sent to me by
Anthony Chubb, Rooservelt Squadron,
Hut 317, Green cap badge, Feb / May 1956.
Sgt. Kerr NCO in charge, Cpl's Croxstall & Thomas,
Sgt. Bullock, in overall charge, used to take his name literaly.
Back row left to right, R Blades, W T Callear, R A Bunkall,
Middle row, K Bielby, P Barker, D H Barhem, M S Beer,
A H Chubb, D A Balfour, John Colyyer, Cocklong,
Front row, E L Cutting, D Copley, B Bolsover, Robert Ash,
Cpl. Thomas, G Beech, Sandy Black, R---B---, G Bradshaw.
First photo is Anthony.

Above sent to me by Chris Hebbron, Smuts Squadron,May - June 1956,
Chris is in the back row 3rd from right, as you look at the photo.
Also have a 48 hr pass on the Bits & Pieces page from him.

7 Flight, Churchill Squadron - June & July 1956
Left to Right: Derrick Hicks, Bob Blake, Jim Easley,
Ken Welton.
Sent in by Bob Blake via Cliff. ( Making Boys into Men?)

John Dow 1956, sent to me by Cliff East.
Thats the largest I can get the photo, will try to edit it.

DI's. Cpl. Hall, Cpl. Ball and Cpl. Rusell.

Above two photos, sent to me by Mal. June/July 1956, 8 Flight, Hut 87, Churchill Sqd. Mal is in the middle row, 5th from left.
Bob, he used to pal up with, is sitting front row, second from left.

Hut 86 or 87, 8 Flt., Churchill sqaudron June / July 1956
Above photo and signatures sent in by George Needham.
George is 1st left front row.

Back row L to R, ?,?,?,?, J.O.Clarke,?,?,?,A.Christoporou, Bradly.
Front row L to R, R.E.Dix, M.Baker, J.R.Clarke,?, Cpl Collis,
J.R.Fawcett, J.Azopardi,?, R.J.Burr (yorkie)

Above four sent in by Richard Fawcett, via Cliff East,
Richard is the one in the front row in the overalls, as his uniform had to be made specially for him.

Above two sent in by Roy Baker, via Cliff East,
was there in June 1956, Hut 186, Smuts.

This colour photo, taken 2007,
is when John met up with, Dick Chenery,
one of his ex hut mates from W/K, last seen 1959.
Dick on the left, John on the right, I think?

The above 3 photos sent to Cliff East and then on to me.

Smuts Sqd., July 1st 1956.
Left to right, back row: Paul, George, Dave Barton-Taylor, Clive, John,
Juddy, Ricky, Dave Greenland, Ginger.
Front row: Joe, George Bright, Ron, Dave, Cpl., Ian Brown,
Joe, Doug, Brumby, John.
Above sent in by Dave Greenland.

Hut 271, Smutts Sqdn., June / August 1956.
Cpl. Conway, with Trevor Collier,
Senior man on his left as you look at the Photo,
and on the other side is Stephen Leemoon.

Above three sent in by Trevor Collier.
DI's are, on left Cpl. Conway
and on right, Cpl.Whydle.

Sent to me by Cliff East.

Cpl. Barrie James, who was a DI. with trenchard Squadron for 3 years,
has given me a name for the Sgt. on the left, it is Sgt. Tate.

Above 5 photos were sent to me by Eddie Howard,
via Terry Barry. They were copies of the originals
and I can't get them any clearer. He also sent in a
copy of British Railway Prices, this I will have to
retype and will put it on the History page when
I have finished it.

Above 2 photos sent to me by David McGoogan.
1st one shows his two DI's, Cpl. Slater & Cpl. Mond.
The second is Hut 258, 3 Flight, Roosevelt Sqdn.
Names as follows.
Standing L/R:- Stan Hunter, Martin Davies, Dave Johnson, Bill Danpure, Roy McNairy, David McGoogan, Johnny Jopling, Tony Gardner, Ron Guest,
Peter Imbert, John Todd, Roy Jacques, Mike Jay, Reg Ellmore.
Seated L/R:- Bob Pierce, Geoff Harris, Brian Osgathorpe, Duncan D'Ssouza, Cpl. Maund, Derek Hawthorn, Barry Nicklin, Ted Holmes, Ivor Jones.

Photo sent in by Ramon Dawson, at W.K. 1956,
no names other that the Di. Cpl. Reggie Beal.

Ramon again.

Hut 258, 5 Flight, Roosevelt Sqdn., 27 August to 26 October.
DI's Cpls. Slater and Mond, Sgt Hiscock and P/O Purdy.
Other names in group are:-
A.R.Courtnell, Brian Allensby, S.I.Bergin, J.Crossley, P.Copsey,
J.Allinson, B.J Burgess, R.V. Brown, Bill Deadman, K.Aplin,
Tony Blegg, V.N.Luan, D.I.Aston, Norman Ball, P.H.Atkins, R.V.Brown,
A.Black, A.Maunde, Mike Daulton, R.Bunn, E.Seal, J.M, Bordman.
Updated, 13/08/2008. Sent in by Brian Allensby.

One more from Don on the History page.

The above 3 photos and signatures,
sent in by Frank Munns, via Cliff East.

Noel is standing far right.

                                 Cpl. Jackson.                                                  Cpl. Beale.
Above 4 photos sent in by Noel Dunmow.
July - Aug 1956, Hut 190, Trenchard Sqd.
Noel, if you are on the Internet, could you please E mail me, many thanks.

The following two pictures were sent in by  Jack Riddell (in Canada)

I have just had an E mail from Lionel Anderson, saying he is in the Hut 190 photo standing next to Noel,
15th November 2012.
 Lionel would like to get in touch, could you let him have your E address please.

Above three sent in by Bill Cooke, he is in the back row behind Cpl., James.
The DI's are, Cpl., James, and Sgt., Skerret.
Trenchard Sqd., July - August 1956.

Above two sent in by Jim Taylor, via Cliff.

Smuts Squadron, hut 180, July/Sept 1956.

DI's. Cpl Franklin and Cpl McNally.
above 2 photos sent in by stan Fowler, via Terry Barry.

Alec Wright, Barry Wedgewood, Alan Roe, Bill Walton, David Sermon, Dave Tyler,
Brian Tupper, Aubrey Spicer, Dave Simpson, Will Uttley, Les de Swart, Reg Squirrel,
Paddy Sheriff, Bob Scott, Trevor Taylor, Gordon Smith, Paddy Sharp, george Rutter,
Reg Wilson, Tom Tobbut, Don Rixom, Jim Trolope.
P/O Besom, Sgt. Stubley (not on photo) Cpl. Robertson.
Name not in any particular order
Above photo and names, sent in by Alan Roe, via Cliff.

257, 258, 262 HUTS

Above photo and names sent to me by "BA Education",

Above sent in by Bob Oliver, via Cliff East.

Sent in by W.J. (Bill ) Reynolds, he is in the back row far right,
DI., is Cpl. Jones. Churchill Sqd., Sept / Oct 1956.

DI's Cpl. Jones and Cpl. Brown.
Both above photos sent in by W.J. (Bill) Reynolds.

Above sent in by David Greenland, Oct., 1956, Hut 198,
trenchard Squadron.

Above photo sent in by John McCulloch, Oct., 1956.
John is in the middle row last on right.

Above 2 photos and 1 on the History page,
sent in by Ken Tasker, via Cliff East.

Gordon is the one with the x at his feet.

Sent in by Gordon Went.

Above 13 photos sent in by Ex Pilot Officer John Ashcroft,
he was entertainment officer Nov 1955 - July 1957.
Received via Cliff East.

Above 3 sent in by John Lockwood, Via Cliff.
Hut 182 sept - Dec 1956.

Roosevelt Sqn West Kirby, Nov 1956,
above photo and signatures sent in by Frank Naylor

Above two sent in by Geoff Davies, via Cliff East.

Above 2 sent in by James Hunter, via Cliff.

Above sent to Cliff East, from Roddy Moffat, by Pat Honey.

Above sent to me by Cliff East.

Sent in by Dennis, via Cliff.

Above photo sent in by Andrew Suddaby, the same as the one
above it, but having some of the names he can remember.

Above 13 photos sent in by Cpl. Bob Russell, via Cliff East.
3 more on the History page.

Above 2 photos sent in by Chris Mills, via Cliff East.


I have put the following photo at the top of this year, instead of down lower with the Nov 1957, when you read the next item you will see why, Les Haines.

Following was sent in by Vic taylor.

The attached photo has come into my possession. It was found,
together with other service & personal documents relating to John
Bassett, left in a house he formerly lived in, in Northampton now owned
by friends of mine. We cannot find his current address & I have
volunteered to try to contact him.
(This because I was ex RAF National Service though square bashed at Bridgenorth)
John Bassett was a National Service man from November 1955 to
November 1957. After West Kirby he served at RAF Innsworth & was acting
corporal on demob. So I am hoping the photo may help us reunite the
documents with him.

Picture shows in rear rank:
D. Complin, D. Armstrong, M.Bishop, M. Carter, J. Brown, A. Bockhart;
in centre rank:
D. Buckley, D. Brennan, D. Cooper, J. Brain, B. Banwell, J. Bassett, L. Benham,
T. Carter;
in front rank:
M. Beach, W. Boston, A. Churcher, B. Leadbetter, Cpl Toole, G. Capon, L. Gibbon,
A. Brett, R. Brimsdon

Above two photos sent to me Via Cliff East.

Above 3 photos sent in by Alan Taylor.

Above photo sent in by Don Ingham, Jan/Feb 1957.
Don is in the back row 3rd from left.

Dec 1956 - Feb 1957.
Above two photos sent in by Peter Hall, via Cliff East.

Above 3 photos sent in by Brian Bunker, via Cliff East.

Above two sent in by Sarah Bond, Daughter of James (Jim) Bond.on the22/10/2011.
No details other than the 2nd photo was a stop at a pub, during a map reading course, month not known.
Anyone with more information, please contact me Les Haines webmaster.

Hut 174, Smuts Squadron.


Above 3 sent in by Lloyd Stridiron, via Terry Barry.
Jan/March 1957.

Trenchard Squadron January to March 1957.

Above 2 photos sent in by Terry Powell, and 4 more on the History 2 page.

Above two sent in by Glyn Davis, Feb 1957.

Above two photos sent in by Reg Duffy.
Feb/Mar, 1957.

Sent to me via Cliff East.

I have put this photo on on place of the smaller one as John (Chris) Welsh
thinks he has found himself, and has put a sqaure over him.
Chris thinks it was dated Feb 1957.

Above three sent to me via Cliff east.

Above three photos sent to me by James (Jim) Robertson.
Top photo Jim is 2nd left front, middle photo, he is 2nd left
back row, 3rd photo he is 5th left middle row. Jan 1957.

Above two sent in by Roy Gudger, via Cliff East.

Above three photos sent in by Terry Powell, Trenchard Sqd., Jan/March 1957.

Via Cliff east.

Above sent in by, John Alden, February to April 1957.
John is 2nd from left, back row, Taffy Clayton, 1st on left back row,
Butch Bucher 2nd from right front row.
Other names:- Stan Cartwright, Joe Cartlege, Ken Barton, Mick Duckett,
Gordie Bamford, Bill Bawden, B. Colborne, Fred Bridger, Jim Casey,
G.M. Compton and M.Grossby.
Just heard from a friend, today 06/09/2012, who lives near me, Gordon Dixon,
 he is in this photo, front row 4th from left, and it is Smuts Squadron

Above sent in by Roy Gilmour (Gilly) via Cliff East.
Feb _ mar 1957, Roy is 3rd from right seated.

Roy's DI Cpl. ?

Above two sent in by Dave Bloomfield.

Above sent in by Reg Pardoe, via Cliff East.

Mike is in 2nd row far right.

Above 3 photos and signatures sent in by Mike Maddison.
April 1957, Trenchard Squadron.
One of the DI's is Cpl. G Hardaker, which one?

Sent in by Andrew Mockett, on behalf of his Father Dave,
Dave is back row 1st left, (who he said, has recently passed away).

Above sent in by Don Davies,
with two others I have put on the History page.
May 1957 Churchill Squadron.
3rd from left front row, Dave Jones, no other names given.

Sent in by Tom Edwards, Hut 47, Churchill Squadron,
29 Mar to 3 May 1957.
Back row: Robinson, Steele, Williams, Trippe, Stuart, Weightman.
Middle row: Sawyer, Wheatley, Waterall, Smith,Williamson,
Welsh, Thomas, Ward.
Front row: Smith, Scott, Sandy, Walton, P.O. Thorn,
Cpl. Swaine, Stopp, Smith, Watkins.

The owner of this photo, Derek Sandy would like to hear
from Mr Watkins.

Above photo sent in by Alan Arkless, March/May 1957.
Di. Cpl. Conway, Alan is in the back row, 3rd from left.
Di's Cpl. Saville, Cpl. Savage, SNCO.Sgt. Rowe and Officer was PO. Carter.

Above sent in by Fred Knox, via Cliff East.

Cpl., Worrell, Cpl., Smith,
Sitting, P/O., Lord.

Here is Derek Lehrle's Flight in 1957 together with his tormentor Cpl. Worrell, while P/O. Lord takes it easy.
Above 2 sent to me by Gerald Pardey, with the blessing of their owners.

HUT 252 1957, Derek, middle top, I think in the doorway, half face. Taken just before a route march around the area, note their denims.

Johney Egden from Hut 251, the photo on the right,
is he asking the DI., to speak up?
Above three photos sent in by Derek Lehrle.

Hut 198, Trenchard Squadron, May / June 1957, Sent in by Peter Broom.
Peter is 3rd from left, standing, Taff Jones is 5th and Colin Deeley is at the right of the row.
The DI., is Cpl. Cole

Above three photos sent in by Vic Prior, May to July 1957.

Does anyone know where this photo was taken and who the Di's are????
If you do please send me an E mail then I can add it here.
Les Haines, Webmaster.
Just had an E mail, 08/02/2012, from ex DI., Don Davies, who said the middle Di., is Cpl., Paddy Devlin.

Above sent in by brian Turnbull, plus a cheque to join the Association.
Brian is in the 2nd row 2nd from right, June 1957.

Above two photos sent in by Ernie Marshall.

Front row from left to right, J. Burkinshaw, B.Deverill, Tex Cadogan, Bud, Cpl. Watson, P.Archbould,
myself G.Cocks (at that time) Brown? and G. Bliss
second row,??, ??, R. Bamforth, B.Boyes, ??, B.Davies, ??,??. Back row, ?? Biddles, ?? G. Cox,??.
Early May 1957, mid to late July 1957.

Sigs. of Geoff's Flight. Had to put 2 on as some of the names are upside
down, so turned one up the other way, hope you can read them.

Above are 2 Flt. photos from Geoff's Squadron,
anyone know anybody and names?.

Sgt. Gore, Cpl. Watson and Officer is Morgan?.
Above three photos, two signatures, and two on the history page,
sent in by Geoff Cox, via Terry Barry.

Above photo sent in by Douglas Pickman. Mid 1957, Rooservelt Sqn.,
Douglas is in front row 2nd from right, (he has put an arrow)
I put this photo here as it looks as if it was taken in the same location as the one under it,
and the Cpl., is McKay, as in the photo of the three Di's below, the one holding the cat.

Above two photos, of Roosevelt Squadron,
sent in by Peter Russell, who is in the front row 3rd from left,
 in the group photo, next to the Senior Man, Tom (?), Cpl McIntosh in centre,
Austin Shelmerdine, is in front row 3rd from right,
and Peter Weller (in Civvies), in the back row on the right.
The DI's photo - Sgt. Allan (or Allen), Cpl. McIntosh
and Cpl. McKay (holding cat). Late June to late August 1957.

Above photo of Peter Russell, received 17/11/09.

Also the kitbag of 'RUSSELL P - 5046625', how’s that for history?

Hut 76, June 1957.
Back row:- Flinders, Parker, Richards, Taylor.
Middle row:- Nash, Smith, Andrews, mitchener, Edge, Stacey, Crump, berry.
Front row:- Wilson, Sharland, Eldred, berriss, Cpl. Keir, Cronan, Owens, Elliott, Pickett.

Brian stacey,                                              Ian Sharland, Ted Eldred, Crew Stacey.
                                                  Ken Crump, Cereal Berry.
Above three sent in by Brian Stacey, via Terry Barry.

Above two photos sent in by David Brumwell, of his Flt., and his DI's.
June - Aug., 1957.

Above photo sent in by James (Jim) Farrant, July / Sept 1957, Hut 88 Churchill Sqd.,
Flight 6, Intake No. 24. Jim is in the 2nd row 2nd from left, as you look at photo.
The Di., is Cpl., Watson.

Above 3 photos sent in by Andrew Philpin, of his Uncle, Roger Watts.
Roger is in the front row 2nd from left,in the Hut photo, and in the
middle of the three in dress uniform. 31st August 1957.
Sadly, Roger was killed in 1960 by a motor accident at 21 years of age.

Sent by Cliff East.

Sent via Cliff.

Above 4 photos sent in by J.G. Irving.
The lower 2 are of models made by the above Squadron

Sent in by Peter Holland, via Cliff East.

Above photo sent in by David Drury, via Alan Carter and finally by Cliff East,
(combined operations).

Above via Cliff.

Above 5 photos and 2 lists of names,
sent in by Colin Pickles, via Cliff East.

The following photos have no date,

Does anyone have any information on them?
if so send details to me please,
Les Haines, Web Manager.

Names and Date?

Thanks to Cliff I have moved 3 photos from above
to their correct page.