In addition to the School of Recruit Training, R.A.F. West Kirby includes a second unit, the General Hospital. This hospital is not, of course, intended solely for the needs of this station. It has accomodation for about 200 and draws its patients from R.A.F. units throughout the country.


These photos were sent to Cliff by Keneth Samuda, who was at the hospital from Jan to Aug., 1947, he was a Trainee Wireless Operator, but fell sick at Square Bashing.

I have no names for anyone, but I think Keneth could be the one here
with the light tie (red).

Dr. Ellis, Sister Burrows, Norman Long, Ron and Cliff Dodshon.
Order and other 3 not known.

Cliff Dodshon.

Cliff Dodshon and Martin Goldstein.

Norman Long, Ron & Cliff
Above four sent in from Cliff Dodshon, via Cliff East.
These were taken sometime in 1948.

The entrance to the Hospital 1948.

The Isolation Hospital entrance, 1948.

LAC Pounds September 1948.

LAC Pounds, at work in the Isolation Hospital, March 1949.

Corporal Pounds May 1949.

Above 5 photos sent to me by David Pounds.

Sgt. ?, & Sgt. Fearson, Pharmacists, 1950.

Sgt. Fearon in Dispensary 1950.

Permanent Staff, 1950. Left to right, Noel Rawsthorne, Sgt. Fearon,
Cpl. T Jones, Sgt. Cumpstone (sp), Kingsley Turner.

Cpl. Colin Wilkinson & P/O Bankier, pathologist, 1951.

1951. Left to right.
P/O Bankier, Pathologist, F/L Bancroft-Jones, Surgeon,
Cpl. Colin Wilkinson, Hospital Lab. Technician.
Above 5 sent in by Colin Wilkinson.


Above two photos sent to me by Eric Todd, he worked at the
 hospital in 1951, one on the left was taken 19/03/51,
the one on the right, he is with Sister Hart Davis,19/05/51,
outside Infectious Diseases wards, where they both worked

Another one of Eric.

The following two photos are from Jim Sumner, via Cliff east.
The three nursing orderlies lounging on the grass between the huts,
were on a 2 to 5 shift, Jim is on the left.
(we were off duty form 2 to 5 then went back on from 5 to 8)
The other photo was at a dance at the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton.
Jim is second right.

Above 8, sent in by Jim Simpson, via Cliff East,

If you have any photos from the hospital,
please send them to me or Cliff.