The late Sgt., Alex Davies, who was a Senior N.C.O. ,
he was in charge of the W K Voluntary Band, Alex is in middle front row,
with his baton and medals. Photo sent in by his Son in Law Frances O'Keefe.

The above was sent in by Alan Dart, Brother inlaw to Pat O'Keefe,
via Cliff East,

W.K. R.A.F. Band at a passing out parade.

Bandsmen before marching on to the parade.

Roy Doggett, Trombone player unknown.
Nov / Dec 1955.
Above photos sent in by Roy Doggett, via Terry Barry.

October 1952. Jim has left more details on this months (May 2012) Update.
Sent in by Jim Woodbridge, via Terry Barry.
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Above two sent in by Jim Robinson.
He was there in 1952.

On parade, 1950's,

March 1956, sent in by John Jones, via Cliff East.
John is second from right front row.

Above sent in by Roy Clements, August 1956.
Roy is second row, third from the right.

Roy Clements is on the right with his Mate Roy Brooks
Roy Brooks signed on as a Musician, and after West Kirby,
served in the Central Band, but sadly he died last year.

Any more photos of the band and its Bandsmen?