Les Haines and Dennis King, reunited 2005.
Standing by the National Service Memorial.
Dennis died on 07/04/2013
Les died on 28/04/2015.

Anymore old hut mates met up again?,
drop a line to Cliff East if they have.


Send me your lost colleagues name and a photo, if possible,

to me at:- cliffordeast@hotmail.com

I will add it to this page, and will let you know if I get any response.

If anyone remembers Leslie Emerson, please let me know and I will pass you charlotte's E address. Thank's Les Haines.

Dear Les,
Can this be added to the lost touch page on your website?
My Grandfather LESLIE EMERSON was at Kirby in 1947, he was 18 at the time.
He would love to know if anyone remembers his name or has any information. If so
could they please get in touch?
Charlotte Emerson

Just received the following from Geoff Worner, 01/02/2014.
If you can help please contact me, Les Haines.
Dear Les,

I am writing to you in the hope that somewhere among the members of the west Kirby Association, there is someone who can help with my West Kirby days.

When I left West Kirby I was posted straight away to the Canal Zone for two and a half years, unfortunately whilst I was away my parents moved several times and all the documents, photographs etc., I left behind got lost in the moves.

I am hoping someone can augment my memory (which is not good) and fill in the details of this part of my service, 28 Jan 1952 to 9 April 1952.

Geoff Worner.

I received the following item from William Fry, 19/04/2013.

My late Father, Peter Fry was at West Kirby in the terrible winter of 1947. he told me he contracted pneumonia and was in hospital for some time.
If anyone remembers my Dad, please drop me a line.
William Fry.

I received the following item from George Derrick, 21/01/2013.
if you can help please E mail me.
Les Webmaster.

I'd like very much to contact an old friend I met at Padgate June 4th 1947, PHILIP SMITH, (a Welshman).We did our square bashing at West Kirby, followed by a course ( F.M.A.'s ) at Cosford then spent balance of our time in the middle east, he in the Sudan and I with 249 squadron in Iraq. After our service he attended my wedding and I attended his.
The last address I had for him was in the Bristol area. Like me he would now be approaching 84 years.
Thank you.
George Derrick


I received the following from Mal Skidmore, if anyone can help please get in touch.

Do you know of a Corporal of this name?
Cpl. John Roach, he was stationed at West Kirby in 1950. He was irish.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Cliff East sent me the following today 08/03/2012.

 Re. 1947 June /July man , recently added to web site, Bertram (Bert) Victor Peck.

There were 3 chaps that he knew only during his time at West Kirby, and wondered if these names ring any bells with any-one, says it would be nice to be in touch with them again, if only to know how they are.

James ("Jim") Dudney
Kenneth ("Ken") Lake
Maurice (Morris?) Hugh Woods

Bert's Daughter , Caroline asks, if the above can be added to our Lost Touch page.

If anyone remembers Bert, could they let me have their E address,
and I will pass it on to Bert's Daughter, via Cliff East.


The following request is from Fred Drew, I received it on 09/02/2012.

I was at west Kirby in 1953. Unfortunately I cannot remember my intake number or dates. I was eighteen in April of that year and so may have been sent to WK in August.
I do remember that my intake did not pass-out as we were detailed to attend the opening by the Queen of the Runnymede war Memorial on October 23 prior to which we did some more drill training at RAF Uxbridge. Can you help me find my intake number and photograph? I would be most grateful.

Can anyone help Fred on his query,
if so please contact me Les Haines
as above and I will pass it on to Fred.


The following was passed to me by Bob Oliver, he will check and see if there are any photos.
Maurice North of Mansfield Notts (number 561) who asks if we can help in tracing one of his mates who was with him at West Kirby, Aug/Oct 55. It seems he was in touch for many years but has lost track some time ago.
His name is John Neale.
He came from Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.


Anyone remember Leslie Lewis Hyde, he was in the RAF and was at West Kirby, working in the Station Head Quarters, some time between 1939 - 1945, or later.
If you did know Leslie Lewis Hyde, please let me know then I can let his Son have your details to contact you. Les Haines Webmaster. 09/06/2011


The following item is from Richard Molloy.

Dear Les,
I was looking at the web page and I saw your article regarding old pals.
I was at West Kirby from 27th July 1947 till 2nd October, I have not come across any pals from then.
Here are three I went right through my service with them.  Derek Crowther,
Derek Bindley and Donald Sawyer. WE are all in our 80ís now.
Richard Molloy (2357636)


The following was passed to me by Bob Oliver,
from John Ashcroft. 25th May 2012.

If you  receive any information about Corporals Franklin and McNally I should be interested to hear it,
 Corporal McNally was senior Corporal on 5 Flight of Smuts Squadron,
when I was joint Flight Commander for 4 and 5 flights in August - September 1956.

Yesterday 21/07/2013, I had the following from George Harris.
Webmanager Les Haines
Dear Les.,
I have just read the entry dated 25th May, 2012 by John Ashcroft regarding corporal McNally.
Jimmy McNally was my Best Man when I married in March 1957. Unfortunately he died a couple of years ago and his widow, Hillary, still lives in Hoylake, where they spent most of their married life. I think that Jimmy served in the RAF for twelve years.We lost touch after serving together at Wilmslow and I went on to complete 22 years, finishing at H.Q. Strike Command in 1975.
We met up again after my wife and I returned to Wirral in 1990.
George Harris


Bob Oliver sent me the following.

Cyril Osborn from High Peak Derbyshire would like to trace 2 of his mates with him at
West Kirby June/August 57. They are David Neale and Bob Sleep.
Any news would be appreciated.
Please contact Bob Oliver with any information.


Membership Number 605, Trevor Elson, who lives in Sale Cheshire, sent in the following to Bob Oliver.

I am still looking for colleagues from when I was at West Kirby July to October 1957 Smutts Squadron.
Unfortunately I dont know any names .
At weekends we used to travel home together to Manchester. I then lived in Didsbury.
 We all came from the Manchester area.


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