I recived the following from Thea Conway Daughter of David.

Hello Mr Haines,
I am trying to find out if my Dad would have attended RAF West Kirby for his National Service Training

His name was David Verrant Salsbury and he would have turned 18 on 21st October 1951. He sadly passed away in 2004. He came from Plymouth and returned there when he was de-mobbed.

I can remember the tales he told me off his time in National Service, as I followed in his footsteps and joined the RAF in the early 1990's.
I was asked the question by a friend which stations did he serve at.


I had the folowing request from Sue Collinson this morning 23/04/2014. Anyone who remembers Him please contact me, Les
Hi Mr Haines,
I am hoping you can help me I am looking to contact Frank Noel Bartlett, he was in the RAF, at West Kirby, about 1957, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated



I had the following E mail today 13/04/2014, can anyone help?.

Good afternoon,
I m looking for any pictures that may have my Grandfather in. His name was John Henry Goldsworthy. He join in 1947, I believe, and went onto join the MT trade.
If you have any pictures or know of anyone who did their initial, or trade, training with him, please do let me know.
Many thanks,

Kind regards
Noah Goldsworthy


I had the following E mail yesterday 4/04/2014, I have got Derek's E address if anyone can help.

Hello Les,
I was contacted recently by two ex West Kirby people who asked details of my Squadron when doing my basic training at W.K. for eight weeks from 27th April 1950. Unfortunately I cannot remember these details other than my DIs were Corporals Cadwallader and McLoskey, or McLuskey. I would dearly love to know my hut No. and Squadron details and have searched through old photographs and other memoribilia on the W.K. site without success. If anyone has any knowledge of, or remembers these two corporals and their hut numbers and Squadron numbers I would be grateful.

Best regards

Derek Butchart


I recieved the following E mail today, 16th march 2014, if anyone can help please get in touch with me.
Many thanks Les.

Hello Les
I'm researching my dad's WWII history and writing it up as a story for the family. He's still alive. He's 92, fit and well.
I'm attaching, below, a rough timeline of where he was and what he did.

I've got the end part of his story and can't seem to find any details on the Internet about Bushey or is it Bushy.

He was working on ciphers at that time and his CO was Witney Straight, so it must have been for No.216 Group. He's a bit confused about where exactly he was stationed.

Is there anyone in your membership who was there in the war. And anyone who was in Aden in 1941/2? If so perhaps I could put him in touch with them.
Kind regards
Below are the details of Eric Dallman, Tina's Father's service.

September 1939 War declared
October 1940 ARP officer
May 1941 Joined RAF
September 1941 Set sail from Liverpool, RMS Samaria
November 1941 Arrived Aden, Sheik Othman, 73 OTU
Journey: Somaliland, Eritrea, (Khartoum) Sudan, (Heliopolis) Egypt
(March or later) 1941 Amman, Jordon, No.3 Middle East Training School
(May or later) 1942 Khormaksa, No.8 Squadron
[plane crashed at Little Aden in June so was that pre or post training?]
journey: Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Lybia
October 1943 Tunis
October 1943 Naples, Staging post 63
[January 1944, squadron 18 and 114 using Pomigliano]
[March 1944 Vesuvius erupted]
[Suggests shot down in March/ April or May]
May 1944 Corsica
Naples (on a ship to England)
Cipher school
October 1945 Oslo
April 1946 London

I had the following request by Snail Mail today 27th February 2014, from Peter Britton, as follows.

 In 1956 I joined the Royal Air Force as a volunter for 5 years. I was sent to Cardington Camp for kitting out,
then sent to West Kirby for training. Cpl McNally and Pilot Officer Todd were involved in my training.
Whilst at West Kirby a group photograph of our Section and parts of the Camp and
Corproal McNally were taken, these photographs were in a small hard backed blue albom.
I have over the years lost the album, and was thinking it may be able to be replaced.
 Could you please help me with this request.
I would be very grateful if you could make enquires about this.
It would be great to see it again and bring back so many memories.
Sincerely, Peter. J. Britton.

I will write to Peter and let him know I have put his letter on our Website, but I am sure they can't be replaced,
only if some one out there has some of the same time Peter was at W. K.
and if they could copy and paste them to me for passing them on.
Les Haines, Webmaster.

I received a request, for help in finding a copy of a photo from Pat Read.
As below, he has given me his permision to put his E address on here,  (Just copy and paste).

Photograph wing or flight 1948

I wonder If you could point me in the right direction I have had a photo of the above
since 1948 when I finished my basic training which has recently been destroyed.
I would dearly love to get it replaced I would be very grateful
if you could give me any assistance on this.

Pat Read.


I received the following E mail yesterday, 22/10/2013, from Helen O'Donnell.
I can't help her but if anyone can, please contact me, Les Haines, and I will let Helen know.

Dear Mr Haines
I live in Greasby, Wirral, in an estate which is affectionately known as 'The Old RAF Estate' as it used to be Ministry of Defence owned. In about 1981 the RAF sold the estate into private ownership. RAF West Kirby used to be on the fields to the north of the estate.

I live on Abingdon Road , and the estate includes Upavon Avenue, Cranwell Road, Hendon Walk and other RAF names. I wonder if you could help me find photographs of the estate while it was still housing RAF personnel.

kind regards
Helen O'Donnell


 One of our members Peter Ellis was at WK Nov/Dec 54 Churchill Sqn. His son asks if we have any photos or other records of his service. He has gone through the web but no luck. He lives on the Isle of Dogs.
The only photos I have, are what are sent in to me by the owners, to put on our Website,
or any of the Committee Members who send them to me.

If anyone recognizes the name please get in touch with me, Les Haines, Webmanager.


I received the following request from Del Townley, if anyone can help him,
please contact me, Les Haines, and I will pass any information on to Del.

 I am writing to ask if any of your members may be able to help me. I live close to the site of RAF Padgate, and am begining a project to research the camp. To begin with I am looking for details on the organisation of the School of Recruit Training, the station plan shows Nos1-4 Recruit Wings, it is the breakdown of these wings into the Squadrons and Flights. One source I found mentions a No 6 flight ,B Squadron, yet another lists an E Flight with no squadron details. I am confused as to which were lettered and which numbered, Squadrons or wings. Also how many squadrons per wing, and how many flights per squadron together with their designations. Any help you or your members can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Derrick (Del) Townley