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I have on the (22/11/2012), and today (18/03/2014),once again re - built our Website, as it was becoming slow due to the amount of pages, photos and other items sent in to me from all over the world.
So I have cut down on the number of pages, and spread it all around 28 pages instead of 35.   

I am also from today, 19th March 2014 putting the old Reunions,
Veteran Day's at Cosford, Bits and Pieces,  and the old Newsletters
on a new Website at no cost to the Association. The link is on the botton of the "EVENTS 1" page. It is taking me time to work out how at the moment but I will get there in the end,
sorry to keep you all waiting!!!!

Talking of all over the world, Cliff East has sent me a map of the word, showing the visitors to this site, so far today there have been 10, fantastic.


Did you serve, train or work at RAF West Kirby,
in any capacity?

If you did, then this is the association for you...

Annual membership £3.00.
For further information on joining, see Membership page.

or please phone the contact below.

Subscriptions are due on
May 1st each year.




Members are aware that subscriptions at £3 per annum will be due on the 1st May.
I am pleased to say that many have already forwarded their cheques, but those who wish to continue membership, and have not forwarded their cheques will not be upset by this gentle reminder, all would have received a payment slip with their last news letter.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

membership secretary

I have just received the following letter from Bob Oliver.

To all Members, Bob Oliver here.

Those of you who attended the AGM last year at Leasowe Castle, will recall that
at that meeting I gave notice that I would only serve as Membership Secretary
for one more year, and at the AGM this year I would stand down.

Things have moved on since then and the situation now is that I no longer act as
 Membership Secretary and  'ALL MATTERS' relating to the
Association must now be refered to our Secretary Terry Barry, and not to me.

At the AGM in September this year I will stand down and resign from the Committee.
I very much enjoy being a member and hope to continue to do so in the future.
Sincerely, Bob Oliver.


   COMMITTEE 2013/2014.

        Jim Freer                              Terry Barry.
 Chairman.                               Secretary.   

                                                                         Alan Carter.                             Alex Allen.

                                                                          Treasurer.                          Minutes Secretary.

                                                                               Terry Barry.                         David Haylock.         
                                                                 Membership Secretary.                     Welfare.                                          

                                                                         Cliff East.                                     
                                                                Archives /  Regalia.                        

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RAF West Kirby Association.


E Mail:- cliffordeast@hotmail.com



Alan Carter, our treasurer, at

74, Gleneagles Drive, Southport, Merseyside. PR8 3TH.

E Mail:- acarter936@msn.com

Tel:- 0107040 575332




The Associations new Standard.

Latest photo of the Commemorative Stone with Plaque, sent in by Cliff East.
For more photos and how it was constructed, go to the "EVENTS 3" Page.
The surround has now been replaced with wood,
due to cars driving or reversing into it, new photo on this years Reunion page.

This photo will bring back a lot of memories some good, some bad, It was nice to see the gate after the 5 mile run though.
Photo from Cliff East, blue frame by Les Haines


and decide on the way you would like to send them.


This photo sent in by Richard Williams, on behalf of
 his father Brian Ellis Williams,
(who has just joined the Association),
was taken Nov 16th 1950 and Jan 10th 1951.

The above photo was also sent in byEd Mills,
he was there Feb/Mar 1951.

Sent in by Norman Quirk, from Jan. 1952.

This one was sent in by Terry Forman,
identical as the one above, same year, 1952, Jan - Mar.

How things change over the years.
Above colour photo sent in by Dave Bloomfield.

The following two photos were sent to me this week 08/11/08
no name with them. They show the Gate Guard Spitfire and one being loaded
onto, or unloaded from a Queen Mary transporter.

The photo below is as the Spitfire is today, sent in by Derek Lehrle.
This is the History of AR614, displayed as a camp guard.
RAF Padgate, 1949,  RAF West Kirby, 1952-1958
RAF Hednesford, Jan. 1958, RAF Bridgnorth, 1958-1963.
This info was sent to me some time ago by Derek Lehrie,
and this week by Colin Schroeder.

Two more photos of the camp guard after the rebuild at Duxford, sent to me by Michael McCarthy, he lives locally and will ask around about a photo of the Spitfire actualy on Guard duty.

Above photo from Maurice Taylor. Is this the elusive camp guard at the back of the drill shed? anyone know? drop me a line, Les Haines.
Had a call from William Sprong, to say he is in this photo and it was taken in March 1951, his DI was Cpl. Lavin. William (Bill), is 6th from the right near the enquires board facing (with his hands behind his back) and talking to the Sgt ? or Cpl?.

WEST KIRBY SEA FRONT 1950'S, sent in by
Gerald Pardey, who was at W /K in May 1954 to July 1954.

Vintage post card of West Kirby sea front, sent in by Ray Preston via Cliff.

The farm gate is the line of the main entrance.
The layby is reputed to be haunted by
someone in RAF uniform.

The following was sent in by Trevor Bradshaw,
 on the Guest Book.

I saw a comment ref "the West Kirby Ghost "seen near there ??
 well one of our other D.I.s, was a Cpl Pask and I had a report some
months after I was there that he had been killed just near the
main gates riding his motorcycle he was quite a "tearaway "
maybe he is still roaming around ???
anyone remember such an incident ?

See Wes Howards comments,on our Guest Book 31/10/2006. Re-above

Above sent in by Ernie Marshall, taken June 2011.


The following is from Allen Dobson,
who left this on our Guest book, 12/08/2006

RAF Regiment instructor 54/55. I was there the same time as Pat Pasque (Pask) He used to ride push bike with a Cycle Master engine in the rear wheel and was killed at the cross road Pump Lane and the camp road by the farm which is still there. He was a nice lad and well liked.

West Kirby Prom. The block of flats is new. Beyond is Sand Hills with the
 Royal Liverpool Golf Club behind. Hilbre Island is just out of shot to left.

The Marine Lake West Kirby, with Hilbre Island in background.
Above photos,(taken in 2003), with comments sent to me by Sam Hurry,
 he was at W/K Feb / March 1952.